m.arch thesis dilemma


option 1.

pick your dream office to work in, doesn't matter which one.

do you tailor your thesis in such a way that it would increase your chances to be hired there?  *note, the thesis will be personally interesting to you as well.


option 2.

do something completely different from option 1 that is provocative and could also be valuable to an organization or company (and is personally interesting to you), but not necessarily something that appears to be of use or interest to the dream office in option 1.  

and of course...why did you choose option 1 or 2?


Jun 19, 13 12:48 am

I had a terminal studio that wasn't quite a thesis, but a final research project studio.

My advice would be to pick a design area or typology that is close to your heart.  Such a choice would align with a type of building and, by default, the firm that does that type of work.  I think I like the logic in option 1.

Jun 19, 13 12:54 am

thanks for your feedback observant.  did you find that your own research project studio became a stepping stone into your own career?  

Jun 26, 13 1:32 am

You seem like you are interested in finding a niche you've identified.  For me, it was a combination of things.  That research project of mine reeked of practicality and enveloped a lot of business issues, though there were clearly all the building graphics for a multi-family project.  Between having studied commerce prior, this different kind of terminal studio, a practical curriculum, and the practical electives I chose, I didn't sell as a designer, but as a production guy, which was fine with me.  And, after interning, I got to move into building types I like more than less.  None of it is splashy stuff, but that's ok with me.

Jun 26, 13 12:18 pm

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