Finding summer internship opportunities after first year M.Arch 1

Hey guys,

  So I've been wondering for some time now how difficult it might be to obtain a summer internship after just one year in an M.Arch 1 program (non-arch background). I've spoken to several people, and the impression I'm getting is that a 1st year M.Arch student isn't such a hot commodity... 

  But of course, without any prior experience in a firm, it would be difficult to find that first bit of work experience under your belt anywhere. So what can one expect after one year? Should I begin expressing my interest now to the professors teaching me in how much I want to begin a summer internship in their firm? Will that be worthwhile in expressing? And is it really THAT competitive to land an internship at a widely well-regarded firm like OMA? 

  I understand that in the scale of things, I'd be competing with other M.Arch students, both at the 1st year level, along with senior students, and the odds don't work in my favour when it comes to experience; that much I get. But I guess going back to my first question: What can I expect as a 1st year (to be)? Or what should my expectations be to land an internship in the U.S.? Canada? Further abroad?


 I know I asked a lot of questions, but please feel free to share what you can. Thanks again.

Jun 18, 13 10:20 pm

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