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Hey, I and a friend have been working on a WIKI based map called Mapedia, our website can be found at..


Mapedia has a strong focus on History and Heritage, though we will entertain ANY kind of map with some kind of educational dimension to them. We have developed a pretty cool classification system, meaning we can create Maps with themes (Architecture!) and then allow users to filter the map based on certain criteria.

To get the ball rolling, we have linked into Wikipedia's Articles (many of which have locations...), and we have created a map of Architecture, focusing on English speaking nations. The aim is to cover all periods, from Prehistory, to 21st current developments.

The map is not intended to be purely created by us, it IS a WIKI map, so locations can be added by users and in future we hope the Wikipedia sources to locations are added to (in a big way) by users of Mapedia.

So, right now we are putting the finishing touches to our Options system, and we want to put in place an accurate and yet flexible classification of British Architectural Periods/Styles, and for this, we certainly need and welcome help. My thoughts right now are to classify via Periods (Prehistory, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Norman etc...) at the top level, with Styles and Sub-Styles fitting into those periods. If a period warrants being broken down into smaller Sub-Styles, and if other criteria are important (i.e. building is ruined, or no longer exists..) then again we can add Options for these. By default a Map will display ALL locations of a default Option. This is to avoid swamping the map with too many results. But you can simply switch Options to see what you want (or not..).

Please check out Mapedia, and Search our Architecture map. Use the button, top left, marked Pick Location Type to pick the History & Heritage Topic, and in there you will find the Architecture Type. Once selected, press Search and it will show the Architectural locations. The periods represented are limited right now, and not categorized, but that will change...

Please give it a whirl and let me know what you think


Chris Thomas

Jun 18, 13 5:07 pm

Anyone have any comments on this. Anyone try it out yet? We are planning on adding quite a few more buildings and periods to our map in the next week or so. We are just refining our cataloging system right now.

Jun 24, 13 7:13 pm

if it is a wiki-map but specifically for architecture and not general mapping why not be named appropriately. Something that immediately references the architectural specificity?

Jun 25, 13 8:46 am

Not formatted for Opera :/

Jun 25, 13 9:09 am

Well.. Mapedia is not specifically for Architecture. Our goal is to produce specific, powerful, themed maps, with a Historical, Heritage and Academic focus to it. So, an Encyclopaedic Map.

One of our Map, in our History & Heritage topic, is Architecture, and I posted it here, as I would imagine it would be of interest to users of this forum. Right now, we are working on some issues with our Wikipedia -> Mapedia Articles transfer engine. Once this is fully implemented, we will be adding many thousands more buildings to the Architecture map, all of which will be reasonably well classified via our Options system. So you should be able to filter the Map via Style/Period and Function i.e. Gothic Revival + Skyscrapers, or say Tudor + Palaces. Another component to the Filter is the location you are looking in of course.

Ideally, we would love to have feedback from this forums users onto how to form the Options, to make the map of best utility to everyone. We are also looking for "curators" and "archivists" i.e. those that are interesting in building and maintaining our maps.

Have you given it a try, any feedback?

Jun 26, 13 4:34 am

Ah, Opera.... It IS designed to run on all modern browsers, except that it actally crashes Opera for me. As it crashes Opera, with no feedback, I cannot fix the issue. I have reported it to Opera a number of times. But so far, no fix. Opera I am told are switching rendering engines to Webkit (used in Chrome, Safari, Konqueror), so that should solve the issue shortly. In the meantime, the site works in Chrome, Firefox and IE10+, so why not give it a whirl on one of those?


Chris Thomas

Jun 26, 13 4:41 am

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