Anyone try the new SimCity?


I just got a chance to play it as I've always been a big fan of the series.

I had high hopes for it but I must say after trying it over the last couple weeks, I think it's complete garbage.  The architecture is even more attrocious.

Should be called Sim-Ex-urbia.  Or maybe Sim-Tyson's Corner.

Jun 18, 13 12:24 pm

ya, EA did very bad things to that game.

Jun 18, 13 2:19 pm

Whenever my son and I venture to the exurbs we call it The Nether, as in Minecraft.  My son even wrote a song about being trapped in The Nether that we sing when we're in seas of parking lots.

I've never played SimCity.

Jun 18, 13 3:49 pm

My wife lived in the ex-urbs before we got married.  She pretty much lived in the ex-urbs her entire life.  She has only lived with me in the city for under a year and pretty much declared that she could never go back.

Jun 19, 13 9:28 am
Sarah Hamilton

Donna, you have to, have to post a video of this song.  You don't have a choice.  Please add it to the "soothes the soul" thread.

Jun 19, 13 4:13 pm

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