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Hi guys,

A bit of dillema here. I have graduated as Bachelor of Architecture (4 years) in Lithuania and postgraduate degree in Manchester School of Architecture (1 year, MA Architecture and Urbanism). Can I work in UK as Part II or only Part I?

What would you advise me to do: study Masters in Lithuania which would probably give me Part II equivalent, study in UK which would give me Part I or just work UK/Lithuania? Is it easier to study and get Part II or via pracice based route?

I appreciate your opinions.

Jun 16, 13 11:47 pm

Your MA would have to carry Part II exemption. If it doesn't say anything about Part II exemption on the program website/etc then it probably doesn't. From what I know most, if not all, Part II programs are at least 2 years.

Can't comment on your other questions.

Jul 3, 13 7:49 am

Only UK Schools give part II - but to gain a job as work equivalent is discretionary on the part of the practice - some do and some don't.

If you are close to becoming licensed in lutuania [by a year] that's your easiest route. You would need to check ARB website and see details on reciprocity but as Lut is EU they have to accept your professional qualification + experience.  

Your MA is not Part II but if you decide to do a part II your BA should be ok but again check with ARB.

to do the practice base route you have to have a proper Part I and a min of 3 years ft office experience - it takes about 3 years then if your lucky.

Jul 3, 13 5:48 pm

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