i need to take architect license

Hi, i am an architect from past 5 years but i studied diploma in electrical and electronics engg but after collage i joined architectural company then my interest got into this field  now i am doing my own projects how can i  take license or how can i be a legal architect?  can anybody suggest something... 

Jun 15, 13 11:07 am

if you're in the US, the short answer is probably "you can't" but look on this list and find out where it applies to you:

Jun 15, 13 11:15 am

no i am in india and i wanted to continue my carrier in this field only i have done own projects and i got success in that also and you can see the images 

Jun 15, 13 11:22 am

lol keep doing what you're doing... In India, you don't need a license to practice .. well .. legally you do but no one is going to check.  hire engineers to calculate structures and you're fine

Jun 15, 13 8:43 pm

but how can i register my company

Jun 16, 13 6:59 am

hire another architect.. there ain't no shortcuts.  Just because someone knows how to pull out tooth, doesn't mean he can skip medical school, take exams and become a dentist.  This is a professional field (well atleast here in the West) and everyone is required to go by the rules.  Most of us in America would rather not go through the ridiculous Bachelors, Masters, IDP, licensing exam requirments to become an architect you know.

Jun 16, 13 6:01 pm

I doubt many people on this forum have much info on legal processes in India.

Mostly Euro/ US centric.

Jun 17, 13 12:41 pm

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