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i would just like to ask on where do you mostly print out your portfolio printouts? do you print it on your own printer (what type of printer & paper since i only have a HP deskjet 1050 printer) or you just send the file on some printing office and pay them to send those printed images to you?. also when you're going for an interview, where does your portfolio placed in? is it place in a clear folder with clear plastic fillers?

My Situation:

since im a new grad from foreign country, is it ok that the only sample of works that i have is the same with what i sent and with what I will provide at the interview (which is composed only of Computer Aided Drawings related to my thesis, my visualization contribution to my colleagues, my personal project:renovation of my relative's house and the drawings i've done as an intern). Since my plates/works from 1st to 4th year is drawn and rendered manually which become a property of the school to display for it's annual exhibition. and the state of those boards/parchment paper/tracing papers is so bad due to moisture penetration (since im from a tropical country) plus the combination of countless of times it has been flipped (to turn to other pages) and been rolled up, and as for me i think scanning it would not be a good idea since it will just make my current portfolio (which as i say is composed only of Computer Aided Drawings) look like a mess.

share your thoughts guys!. thanks in advance.

Jun 14, 13 12:20 am

I used for my portfolio, with great results. A little bit of a headache getting it formatted, but once I discovered the indesign plugin, things were pretty smooth. Final quality was great, with full bleed and image wrap on the front and back covers.

I highly advise against using your own printer, unless it is professional grade... the last thing you want if for your portfolio to look like a scrapbook you made at home. Pay the little bit of extra cost (blurb runs about $30-$60 US per portfolio, depending) to have the best first impression.

Jun 14, 13 9:22 am

Scan your hand drawings and clean them up in Photoshop, before they deteriorate further. Whether or not the drawing is property of the school doesn't matter - every student uses school work in their own personal portfolio. It sounds like you're making excuses to yourself.

Jun 16, 13 9:58 pm

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