Developing countries/economies of the world & architecture.


Hello Archinect I was wondering of what everyones idea/possibilities are for developing cities/economies of the world are located? I ask because obviously here in the states most cities are developed now. And many countries have bottomed out and now beginning a renaissance or many are already experiencing rapid growth like Brazil, Colombia. Location wise where should Architects go to for work? Can they work in the countries?

I am starting to wonder if when I get my M.Arch degree I would be more employable out of country and make more?

Jun 13, 13 3:51 pm

I'm a bit confused about your intent, but perhaps you could look at UN-Habitat.  They are, for example, doing big projects in Somalia (a country which must essentially be re-built from scratch).  And UN agencies generally pay high salaries.

Jun 13, 13 6:35 pm

I guess I should have read it over one more time. I guess what I originally wanted to say/ask was, where is the future of architecture going in the world? Will it be in the United States or in developing economies/cities where architects will be needed? 

Jun 14, 13 8:43 am
BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India, China
Jun 14, 13 9:32 am

You want to make money doing architecture? Go to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Djibouti and work for a defense contractor doing design + builds. $10-20k a month. 

Or like someone said above, join a federal or international economic development agency, like the UN or USAID. 

BRICS will pay you less than you make in the states. 

Jun 14, 13 1:40 pm

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