Name your Top 3 favorite cities in the world

1 Amsterdam

2 Vienna

3 Berlin

- Copenhagen, honorable mention

Aug 27, 13 2:30 am
Aug 27, 13 3:17 am

Paris, Venece and Amsterdam 

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Aug 28, 13 8:44 pm

My top three places in the world are:


London because it has so many attractions and the culture is fantastic.

Florida because of it theme parks and I love the american way of life/food


Aug 29, 13 7:04 am

1) Prague

2) San Francisco

3) Florence / Venice

Sep 1, 13 12:14 pm

I'd like to add to it just because my dearest city has been beloved in this thread. 


1. Seoul - Affordable with all the benefits of living in a mega city. Fantastic transportation. Green spaces and parks, traditional architecture, highly advanced in technology.... If you know how to speak Korean and understand their culture, honestly, it's got it all. But again, ONLY if you know how to get around its very homogeneous culture.  

2. Amsterdam  

3. Calgary - It's cold. Snows too much. Boring blah blah....  But honestly, it's got such culturally diverse demographic profile. Upon the arrival of the Second Klondike Gold Rush - Petroleum, this oil city is reshaping not only physical but also cultural landscapes at the speed that'd be seen in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. 

I,too, would like to pick Rome for my honourable mention. 

May 15, 14 5:58 pm

1) Mexico, D.F. / Mexico City

2) Vancouver

3) Amsterdam

May 15, 14 6:27 pm

4) Lima, Peru is also a lovely city.

May 15, 14 6:36 pm

Paris Barcelona Munich

May 16, 14 3:50 pm

1.) Paris

2.) New York

3.) Chicago

Honorable Mentions - Beirut, Barcelona

May 18, 14 7:20 am

Didn't see the home country note...


In that case:

1.) Paris

2.) Beirut,

3.) Barcelona

May 18, 14 7:23 am

1)Cartagena, Colombia. I live here now, not my home country but it will always be home. But I guess I'm a little biased I look out my window and see palm trees and the ocean ...of coarse... you know if you like that sort of thing mixed in with Caribbean history, food, and culture. For me it's irresistible.)

2)New York, NY. Lived there for 4 years, loved it but 4 years was enough.

3)Rome, Italy. If I could relieve another time period in my life it would be in Rome!

May 22, 14 12:50 pm

1.) Tokyo

2.) Hong Kong

3.) San Francisco

May 22, 14 1:15 pm

1. Venice, Italy

2. Tokyo

3. Bangkok

May 25, 14 4:16 am

I look to quality of life i.e. if I was living there how satisfying it would be, in which case:

1. Auckland - my home town. 10 years ago, would not have featured on any list, but as far as a city goes, it is pretty unique.

2. Melbourne, VIC - my former home town

3. Munich - I know its mostly a recreation, but as a cultural and living experience, I think its pretty spectacular.

May 27, 14 5:32 pm

1. Vancouver Canada for its scenery

2. Rotterdam NL for its opportunities

3. Oslo or Berlin

May 29, 14 1:42 pm

1. Porto

2. Barcelona

3. Riga

Aug 6, 15 6:41 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

manhattan, brooklyn, queens

Aug 6, 15 8:05 pm


New York

Hong Kong 

Aug 6, 15 9:23 pm

Wherever I am X3

Aug 6, 15 10:05 pm
Elliot Bishop

1. Auckland

2. Edinburgh

3. San Francisco although not necessarily in this order, and very much influenced by the seasons -Edinburgh at Christmas is unmissable, San Francisco in the late summer is the closest you'll get to paradise and Auckland is just always fantastic.

Aug 10, 15 9:32 am

No particular order

1, Nha Trang, Vietnam (Food Heaven and relaxing beaches)

2. Bergen, Norway (Amazing life style)

3. Amsterdam, Netherlandsn (I like cycling)

Honorable mentions: London, its a love hate relationship.

Aug 10, 15 10:53 am

Bangkok, Paris, New York

All crazy cities in their own way, but with just the right amount of culture and that feeling of endless opportunity

Aug 10, 15 11:06 am

New New York
Los Angeles 2019
City of Lost Children

Aug 10, 15 11:25 am
atelier nobody

As an inhabitant of Los Angeles 2019, I am sorely disappointed - this is not what we were promised at all.


This is obviously based on a limited experience, but my list would include:


1. London

2. San Francisco

3. Paris

4. Boston

5. Montreal 

6. Austin

7. Seattle 

8. NYC

9. Chicago

10. Vancouver

Aug 11, 15 1:49 pm

Of the places I've been to (No particular order)

Hong Kong- excellent subway system, walkable, lots of places to shop and eat, urban and natural scenes are easy to reach.

London- love the culture, and like HK, easy to get to places and find places to shop and eat.

I also like Copenhagen, Vancouver, and Chicago. Architecture is excellent there.

Aug 18, 15 10:38 am

1. London

2. Seattle

3. Chicago

Aug 18, 15 11:58 pm




No partucalr order.  Berlin is a great city to feel the mix of European culture with the modern times. Yerevan surprised me with it's beautiful nature and national cuisine. Also, the last place where I was. did an awesome job. Kazan is a good way to learn about muslim culture and Russian spirit at one place. 

Oct 18, 18 8:15 am

Istanbul, Dubai, Paris

Aug 10, 19 9:09 pm

1. Kabul

2. Kampala

3. Kingston

Aug 11, 19 7:08 am
Non Sequitur

Nice triple letter.


Excluding my home city (& only including places I've spent nights):

-Hong Kong



Aug 12, 19 1:48 pm
atelier nobody



Machu Picchu

Aug 12, 19 3:10 pm

Chaniotis (I've been to Chaniotis seven times. It’s not full of purpose-built resorts, which anyone who has actually been there will know. Chaniotis has fantastic beaches^^ Love it), Tokyo, Canada.

Aug 13, 19 5:01 am

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