time management for the BA degree


Given that this question crops up often on forums I'd just like to point out my perspective on the issue of time management in the Architecture BA Degree as a student of the course.

As with every course there is a huge variety in effort ranges of students. Some will claim they work from 6am-3am every day but others will only be doing 6 hours a day....

There are also massive ability ranges, so you'll often find that, let's say, in a four week project there will be people who will produce nothing for two weeks and end up producing incredible work in the final two which the lecturers will love. This annoys everyone. However, if you know you're not exceptionally talented and can not get through work particularly quickly, then do not take this risk as you will definitely will fall behind.

But all in all guys I think both extremes are TERRIBLE in their own way and it's important to have a balanced approach which hits neither extreme. Here's my formula for B.Arch school:

*On a typical week day, wake up at 7:00am and work SOLIDLY for 12-14 hours and then enjoy your evenings. (Some people say they work from 6. Am in morning to 3 am the next day but a lot of that will be wasted on YouTube and chatting to people. In order to enjoy your evenings you have to find a way of being ABSOLUTLEY focused for 12-14 hours with planned, organised breaks. If you don't have that then you'll end up wasting a lot of time and will be sat at your desk for a lot longer than you need to be which sucks when you know all your friends are sat in the lounge on the PS4 and you could have been joining them)

*Put aside Friday evenings to go out clubbing and leave aside Saturday to do anything that isn't architecture related.

*On Sundays work 10 hours solidly 

All in all that's 70 hours of work  a week more or less. Pretty good!

However on weeks before crits/presentations and hand in dates work for as many hours as need be and sleep as little as need be  but don't make a habit of it. The reason that you shouldn't make a habit of it is that you go to university to develop not only as architects but also as people. So the socialising/partying aspect of the university experience is every bit as important as the academic one. (I was determined to socialise and meet people whilst still doing a course i loved and i found time for it all)..So every few weeks throughout the year where you have work like a robot and get no sleep are not a problematic and are probably necessary so long as you don't make a habit of them.

For the most part employers will value an individual with a 2:1 degree who is hygienic, attractive, has a good grasp of general knowledge, is sociable and great with clients rather than an individual with a 1:1 who is moody, has little to no social life, has no interests other than architecture, has poor social skills and has no idea how to communicate with clients.

Balance is the key, Work hard, party hard

best of luck

May 27, 13 2:03 pm

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