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Hey folks,

I was given some information through the grapevine that the AA London puts on a Visiting School program periodically; after digging a bit it turns out that one of their sessions is actually coming to my hometown and I've got the opportunity to attend (paying my own way). However I'm a little curious to hear from any others who have participated in one of these week-long seminars before - was it worth the fee of attendance?

My angle: Finished my 4-year undergrad in Architecture last year and took some time off to figure out what I'm looking for in an M.Arch. Found a good job, I've been working there ever since (with that and internships during undergrad I'm in the neighbourhood of ~2 years experience). I was admitted to almost all the schools I applied to, one of which was very attractive (a bit of a 'reach school' for me) but the cost of attendance proved to be prohibitive on that specific school. I decided to stay domestic at another school where I've got a full tuition scholarship and a study-abroad opportunity.

I'm wondering if this AA-VS program might be the small taste of the bigger-name meal that I've been looking to experience but wasn't able to afford in it's full self. Any insight would be fantastic.

May 23, 13 7:29 pm

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