Twin Wall Polycarbonate


Does anyone have experience using twin wall polycarbonate in a residential application?.. I know that it is widely used for greenhouses due to its lightweight durability and insulation value. I'm working on a residential shipping container retrofit project and the material is attractive for the above reasons when it comes to durability in transport to the site after prefabrication.  I'm curious to know how it performs with sound transfer and if in practice it performs as well as insulated glass with climate control... Thoughts?

May 22, 13 4:18 pm

I'm familiar with Duo-Guard products. It is what it is (if you like the aesthetics of it). They make thermally broken frames for these assemblies, so it should perform fine. It is less puncture resistant than glass, so I'd keep it off ground. Perhaps a skylight or canopy. Low window, no way.

May 22, 13 6:15 pm  · 

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