Marketing my skills


Hi all! I'm after some advice on how to market my skills.

Firstly i'll introduce, my name's Johnny I'm currently studying a Post-grad diploma in Graphic design, with a completed bachelor degree in Interior Architecture.

I'm currently writing a business feasibility plan for my future career interstate and would greatly like any input into the direction that I should take that career and where you see my work deemed marketable to the industry. Being a graduate in Interior design, I find my skill set is to that industry, however my goal is to broaden my knowledge and become a more marketable creative as a whole to enable employment as the industry is hard to break into due to the competitive nature…Any comments & feedback about my work, 

- what you consider marketable or an asset,

- what the design industry is after,

or any advice in general including where the design market is going i'd greatly appreciate it immensely! Here's a link to my online folio, please leave any feedback in the comment boxes under each category.


Thanks all!

May 21, 13 3:31 am

thansk for your sharing!

May 21, 13 3:56 am

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