gifts for your architect friends - get axonometric!


I've recently made some architecture related prints and tote bags I'd like to share with the community. 

Get Axonometric - tote

Get Axonometric - print

I've never sold items online before so this is a bit of an experiment but I thought this group might appreciate the work and/or want to buy an item. Inquiries welcome.


May 15, 13 7:50 pm

coolio! i don't see myself carrying a tote bag around anytime soon, nor do I have anyone I'd like to gift yet but if you had tshirts with your axonometric graphics, I'd totally buy them :)

May 16, 13 1:00 am
boy in a well

the dots should be oval-ish depending on the zx or zy  plane that they are in.


devil's in the details.

May 16, 13 4:19 am

@accesskb thanks for checking them out! I don't have tshirts since it was a small operation and didn't want to handle all those sizes. Appreciate the comments though!

May 16, 13 9:27 am

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