Who's using a Cintiq?


I have been a long time Intuos owner, just got an intuos 4 touch last fall and love it, but I'm wondering if a 24hd could be a replacement for the typical trace, print, scan process. I have been doing more and more conceptual work digitally over the last couple years and think this might be the next logical progression.


I did own a 12wx for about a day, but returned it because I hated the lag between pen and screen when doing things like hatching, the offset from the pen tip due to the glass thickness, and trying to work on a huge plan on a tiny screen with poor color quality.


Lastly, I hated how the 12wx required me to calibrate it everytime I wanted to use it, ie switching from using my regular monitor for cad to the 12wx, had to go through a 5 minute process for calibrating resolution,


From what I understand the 24hd can work as both a standalone 24" minotor AND tablet...thoughts?


I believe the cintiq or tools like it will be an industry standard in ten least I think it should.

May 9, 13 10:52 pm

I dig my 20WSX (pre-touch) but the drivers cause issues with Revit (specifically the materials pallete) but it's not a big deal. It's my sole monitor at the office and comes in extremely handy when using photoshop; haven't tried using the stylus with Revit yet though.

It'd be nice to combine a Cintiq with Adobe's Napoleon

May 10, 13 5:17 pm

Thats REALLY cool. The napoleon/straight edge tool is exactly the kind of thing I feel has been missing for the tablet/cintiq devices. I can absolutely see a device like a large, maybe even 36" cintiq being standard equipment in design offices inside ten years. I think there will be those that embrace it and evolve and those that will not and risk being left behind. 

If I do pull the trigger on another Cintiq it will definitly be the 24hd, but probably not the touch. I love the idea of having a 24 inch monitor that you can swivel into your lap and draw on. To me this seems like the ideal experience for an architect or any designer. I love the digital mediumn because it is unintimidating, forgiving which leads to more experimentation and productivity. In my opinion, being able to reduce or eliminate the mundane task of printing a base map or maps, drawing, and scanning is ideal. I'm glad others are thinking along the same lines, but at the same time I'm sort of selfishly glad the poulous tends not to agree. know what I mean?

May 10, 13 10:11 pm

I just bought the Cintiq 24HD. It's the future of drawing, especially if you're artistically inclined.  I use it with Painter X3, nothing else compares. 

Feb 20, 14 10:56 am
Saint in the City

A Wacom Cintiq is something I want.  I've got an Intuous 4 at home, which I love.

For anyone wanting to start into this realm -- buy a Wacom Bamboo.  For work, I bought last year's model on close-out for about 50 bucks.  The Bamboo's used to usually run from about  80 - 200 new.   So I've done some presentation work for higher-end clients on a 50 dollar gadget, using the version of Autodesk Sketchbook that somes with the Bamboo for free. 

Feb 20, 14 12:17 pm


bought a 24hd for the office in february. The brand new 24's backlight burned out a couple weeks ago and had to be sent to wacom for warrantee. I made it a whole two days without the 24 before driving four hours to buy another 21ux from craigslist. So, next week we will have two cintiq a in our two person landscape office. Needless to say, I love the cintiq--we are almost completely paperless, faster, and able to focus more on the work than scanning, printing, etc.

Aug 25, 14 8:15 pm

Any chance we could talk? I would like to better help people understand the value of Cintiqs in Architecture. Please feel free to reach at

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