Which Revit book is the best?


Looking to beef up my basic skills in Revit. Looking for an advance book in Revit to give me more confidence to do CDs, MEPs, and High quality renerings. What books do you guys recommnend?

May 9, 13 1:55 pm
knock out

I wouldn't recommend a book, video tutorials from Lynda/VTC/CadTutor are more helpful and sometime worth the subscription fees.

May 10, 13 6:38 am

Totally agree with videos... What would take you an hour or more to read up/understand in a book will likely take you 2 minutes to learn on video.

May 10, 13 5:21 pm

but back to your question...

Get "Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture" if you know the basics of how Revit works.

Revit Architecture - No Experience Required ... if you're an absolute beginner.

Again, I highly suggest the video tutorials on

May 10, 13 5:23 pm

I will grab a set of construction drawings done in CAD and redraw it in Revit . I will usethe lynda's tutorials to help along the way. Purchasing Master Autodesk Revit this weekend.


Thank you accesskb

May 10, 13 6:54 pm

yeah.. Lynda's tutorials will get you up to speed with everything you'd need to create construction drawings on Revit

May 10, 13 10:42 pm

I've been trying to teach myself this program for awhile now. Be aware, that most firms have in place a large library of Revit Families, AND the tutorials show many families and structure objects that are not included in the basic Revit software. An example one had for me was adding carpet as a separate item. My Revit had no carpet as a separate item, forums recommend it be part of the slab or other floor structure item. It's a rather "simple" program, but hard to do little things. Takes 7-8 steps to shift something an inch or so, yet it makes it simple to move that item along with many others in those same 8 steps, where in Autocad you had to do it all separately.

I like what Revit can do, but hate how it does it. Make sense?

I consulted for a Structural office recently, where half the project was Revit, and the other half was Autocad, and they combined the two to make it go faster. Seemed to take them forever to make a simple roof gutter align properly. Sometimes they took out a pencil and drew it on the plan, then scanned. Crazy

May 11, 13 11:36 am

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