USC M.Arch 1 Fall 2013 Roommate


Hi guys,

I will be attending USC school of architecture starting Fall 2013, and I am looking for a roommate to room with me in the medici apartments. The cost of rent for 2br/2ba will be around $2200 (so $1100 each). Please go on their website for more information. I am a friendly and outgoing person. I won't mind rooming with a girl or guy. My only request is for you to be a nonsmoker as I don't smoke, never did and never will. Also be respectful to each other, and be a responsible and mature person. I don't mind if you bring friends over as long as it doesn't get too noisy past midnight (although being an architecture student I most likely won't be home or sleep until 2 in the morning). I have visited the apartment and it is quite nice. My friends are currently living there and they do recommend it to me. Too bad they are graduating and not staying in LA.

May 7, 13 6:47 pm

USC has a M.Arch 1 program?  This is new.

May 8, 13 4:18 pm

its the 2 year program, first professional degree

May 8, 13 5:31 pm

Hey lpong2,

WOW the place is a resort lol... I would consider it but it's a little to far off campus for me. I most likely will be attending USC M.Arch this fall, but would prefer living on campus. Are you considering on campus living at all?

If not do you know anyone from the M.Arch program that's planning on living on campus?

May 8, 13 9:03 pm

I'm sorry but I don't know anyone that plans on living on campus. Let me know if you change your mind. I look forward to seeing you this coming fall.

May 8, 13 9:22 pm

The Medici is just off campus.  That is a great location.  You picked a great one.  It is close to the Architecture school.  

May 8, 13 10:45 pm

Yep, best price for the quality too IMO. However I do hope that someone will contact me and willing to share an apt. with me. That is my biggest concern right now.

May 9, 13 11:58 am

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