Intro to Arch at Columbia vs. IN[ARCH] at UC Berkeley?


I've been accepted into both programs this summer, and can't decide which one to pick. Has anyone taken either course and can provide feedback on it?

Apart from what's on the school's website I don't know much else about it. The idea of living in NYC for 5 weeks does sound very appealing though...

May 7, 13 6:17 pm

I just came across your question...

I completed the Columbia program last summer and am thinking about Berkeley for this summer! Just wondering, which did you end up choosing? I wonder if you have any comments on Berkeley if you ended up going there.

Feb 14, 14 8:07 am


Congratulations on getting accepted into both programs! I'm actually thinking of applying for the Intro to Arch in Columbia this summer as well. Let me know which one you decide to go with.


I was thinking of applying for the Intro to Arch at Columbia this summer. Do you mind sharing your experience? Also, what is your professional background if you don't mind me asking?

I got my B.Arch degree but I'm highly highly unsatisfied with my undergrad education. Do you think this program is suitable for me?


Feb 15, 14 3:14 pm


I entered INTRO without any studio experience, so it was something very new for me. At least in my studio group, everyone was a new-comer and did not have a BA in architecture so you could be ahead of the game. The experience really depends on your critic and TA. One studio's assignment was to design an apartment for artist Donald Judd who ended up being a guest critic for the final review! Our assignment stemmed from identifying systems in a certain vegetable and garden, then figuring out some kind of hybrid that would lead to designing a structure. It is basically one semester of studio crammed into 5 weeks so you will be in work mode 24/7, which can be a great thing if you really want to challenge yourself. Overall, I would recommend applying! 

Feb 18, 14 5:39 pm


I'm incredibly sorry for the late reply! I highly appreciate your response! It sounds like you really enjoyed your INTRO studio. The exercises sound quite interesting, much more interesting than the studios I've taken in my undergrad program.

Fortunately and unfortunately I've been accepted into the INTRO program at Columbia but won't be able to attend because I've also been accepted into the M.Arch MAUD program in Pratt. Both of the schedules are clashing but I really wish I could've had the chance to attend so I could warm up to the graduate program.

Oh well, thanks again for your reply! Good Luck!

Mar 27, 14 2:13 pm


I ended up doing the Intro to Arch program at Columbia last summer. I LOVED it, and would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in going into architecture. Didn't have any prior studio experience apart from a few visual art classes during my undergrad (though I graduated with a B.A. Geography).

Mar 28, 14 2:48 pm


That sounds great! I'm glad you loved it. I so wish I could attend! Unfortunately my grad program starts in the first week of June.

Geography going into architecture? That sounds cool :) I wish you good luck with all your future endeavors!

Mar 29, 14 2:15 am

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