International master of architecture grad to find a job?

Hello, everyone: I am currently an international student who attends an American university and plans on applying to a master of architecture program in two years. I was looking at the job opening pages and found that many of the jobs listed require the applicants to have at least a working permit in order to apply for the job. That gets me worried on the job availability for me if I graduate from the graduate program and try to get licensed here in the states. If anyone has anything to say about that or any suggestion. I would love to hear it. Thanks!
May 7, 13 1:19 am

Limits on Immigration and visas across the world are the easiest 'austerity' measure a country can put out there thinking its painless - its not. Is a form of racism, in fact.

Architecture is very cyclical and responds quickly up and down to the economy.  2 years is a lifetime.

You might look at the J1 visa as a future entry point to employment[up to 2 years].

after you finish your studies then move on from there to other visas - chose a university in a major market [that excludes places like Ames Iowa, sorry] so you maximise your job opportunities.


May 7, 13 3:32 am

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