What is an ideal path of education for one wanting to become an Architect?


Hello everyone,

Before I give further details, it's important to know that I just finished my first year of college. I was undeclared, and thus I was working toward completing my General Education. I've learned before college, and during college, that I have an interest in Architecture, Theology, and Philosophy. With Theology and Philosophy, I'd give myself a holistic foundation for Graduate Schools in Business, Law, and the related.

With a degree in Architecture (M.Arch), I'd go on to become an Architect. However, there's only one problem: as an Architect, I'd like to work on the grounds of much knowledge (and a diverse set of knowledge). I'm not content with just studying Architecture to become an Architect. Therefore, my question is truly the following:

"What should a person considering a career in Architecture study at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate level to practice Architecture holistically, diversely, and dynamically?" If you'd like to answer beyond my question, feel free to do so.

I welcome all answers, but constructive answers are most appreciated.

May 3, 13 10:53 pm

Yet another reason to require new members to make at least 10 comments before posting a new topic.

May 3, 13 11:04 pm

Love these questions.  Here's a very non ivory tower answer to an ivory tower question.

You seem to have this multiplicity of intellectual interests.  Guess what?  Holistically, diversely, and dynamically is a tall order.  How about some sketching on paper, some schematic design on the computer, producing construction documents, looking at bids and costs, remaining abreast of construction, preparing correspondence, walking through documentation on the phone, all while drinking a hopefully delicious hot cup of coffee or tea?

My suggestion is that you shadow an architect and/or take a battery of career aptitude tests.  I wanted to do the mundane tasks enumerated above.  I like detail.  You seem to live in the philosophical realm.  Architecture is likely to disappoint you, but I may be wrong.  So, you're done with a degree, then?  I think an undergraduate in architecture (4 year) would have been better for you, along with a minor in theology, philosophy, or some other social science.  I think 4 years is the way to go, because you either add 2 more years at a different graduate program ... or defect with less of an investment.

May 4, 13 12:24 am

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