Graduate Interior Design Portfolio

Third year interior design student applying for internships and want to know what you think of my online portfolio? :) x

Here is the link:

May 2, 13 4:29 pm

You'd make a good architect of sacred and spiritual spaces.  I love your section drawings and concepts.. And the models are nice too.  You should make more of these model and lighting studies, perhaps with the materials you've envisioned for the spaces. Concepts, sections and models are where your strength lies I think and you should use more of them to communicate the experience of your spaces.:)  I'm not too impressed by the black and gray vignettes though.  I don't like the wood texture you've used.  The drawings are nice but I think you should be more specific/subtle about the material qualities you use (or go entirely abstract if that is your goal).  Wood/Timber are not all the same.  I get the feeling that the wood used was reclaimed or chopped off the backyard tree.. Maybe that is the look you're going for. :/  The way you make use of them can make or break a space.  It could be subtle, creative and expressive, rather than just used as a finish surface to cover walls, seating or floors etc. 

May 2, 13 5:43 pm

Thank you for your feed back. I agree with what you have said. I shall look more into my material spec!  :) will be more specific with the project i am currently working on! Thanks again :)

May 3, 13 6:11 am

It's nice to see some handrawings in there. On a non-work related note, you may want to consider removing the picture of yourself. If you're using this to apply for jobs, it's not typical to include a self portrait, unless you have a hobby in photography or drawing. That's also the difference between a portrait and a 'selfy.'

May 3, 13 9:30 am

Thank you. I have had different responses for including a picture. thank you for the feedback and taking the time to look at my portfolio. :)

May 3, 13 11:36 am


you have nice portfolio, your work and ideas are nice.

i really like your sections, i quite like reflection and kitchen lane,

you need to improve little more in photoshop, try to use silhouettes of human figure rather than human photos, because this photos grab more attention than design and focus should be design and your idea, so you can use 60 to 75% transparent human silhouettes to shoe the scale of space.

this is just a suggestion, i have been working as an architect from 9 years so just sharing some experience.

great job keep it up,

Best of luck


Mar 21, 14 9:59 am

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