What is progress?



May 2, 13 12:11 pm

The idea that technologies we create leads to better living conditions for humans which leads to transcendence?

May 2, 13 12:21 pm

Is progress really just another word for ongoing discontent?

May 2, 13 12:23 pm

Q - yes, and would we have it any other way?

Donna, that is a great solution.

May 2, 13 1:17 pm

^interesting^  I really like these small clever interventions.  There is a sort of freedom and hope in this kind of stuff.  The idea that we don't really need a mega tabula rasa solution-that many small interventions can manifest to bring about real change...The scale is small enough for craft, artistry, individualism.....but the sum of the parts, that's where the power is.  The power resides in the collective while the vision lies within the individual. 

May 2, 13 1:49 pm

Sweeeet, Donna.

Why does the vid only show architects sitting?

May 2, 13 1:49 pm

A myth.

May 2, 13 4:05 pm

it's not lame, and usually misunderstood by most on this forum.

May 2, 13 9:22 pm
jla-x, that's exactly the idea behind my work with People for Urban Progress. We take big things that cost a lot but become obsolete and turn them into little things that don't cost much but benefit people in their everyday life in the city. We're doing it with RCA Dome roof fabric, with Bush Stadium seats, and with five miles of Super Bowl banners. This small scale work is progress.
May 2, 13 10:34 pm

Donna, how do you manage the city with these projects?

In NY the bureaucracy is largely uncooperative and virtually unnavigable, at least without expediters and a host of lawyers and consultants..

May 2, 13 11:37 pm

Our Executive Director is exceptionally personable, polite, and willing to take responsibility.  And we go through the proper channels.

One of the best arguments for living in a place like Indianapolis vs. a place like NYC is there just aren't as many people and thus as many levels of bureaucracy to worry about/people to fight your ideas.  It's relatively easy to get small-scale things done. 

As our Executive Director put it, in NYC you can consume a LOT of culture.  In a place like Indy you can create culture, because the field isn't already full.

May 3, 13 12:43 pm
Aleksandr KAD

There can be it here -

May 13, 13 9:44 am

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May 13, 13 10:21 am

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