Question for current Yale students - (housing)


For current students, I would like your opinion about my options.  I will be walking home late/at odd hours, so im worry about safety.  Ive read that Howe Street is not the safest.  So here are the factors to consider...


-100 Howe St. - 875$ (no elec): was originally my top choice becuz it is affordable, big, nice, has a separate kitchen, HARDWOOD floors, and relatively close to the architecture bldg.  I can sublet in the summers to non-yale students, i dont know if this is an issue... (cuz who lives near Yale during the summer but yale affiliates anyway). A place i would consider staying through the whole program, ultimately i want to minimize moving. The only drawback is that this area might not be so safe?  can anyone testify as to how safe/unsafe this location is?

-1145 Chapel St - 910$ (no elec):do people stay for years? Is this a tower where ppl actually stay the entire program? location is unbeatable since its right beside the architecture building. (i would sleep more... maybe even eat at home.. nah) It is big and bright, best layout, separate kitchen, BUT it has carpets... And the main drawback is that it is on the 3rd floor, and facing the GPSCY (Graduate Professional Student Center at Yale)... so it might be noisy.  Does anyone know how noisy/how often it is? Can you hear the pub everyday? I am not worry about sleep since Im a night owl, but I dont know if I can work with noise.


Im super confused.  It depends on how loud vs how safe! nicer vs more convenient...
Any comments/stories/experiences are welcomed!!

Apr 29, 13 6:31 pm

Yale has a shuttle (on-call at night, basically your taxi service).  I'd check to see how late they run, but I'm pretty sure it's available almost all night.  Some of my friends use it to get their butts back home after a few pints.

Howe isn't terrible (btw Chapel and Whalley anyway), but not great either (plenty of restaurants and bars open late night with mostly student crowd (Yale QU, SCSU).  A few sketchy characters after 3am, but generally not so bad (just don't go one block north or west of Chapel).

GPSCY's clientele is Yale grad students, so that ought to give you an indication of noise levels -lame/tame (though they do have a karaoke night where the architecture students have a bad rap for being obnoxious after reviews...).  The few times I've been there it was a pretty quiet scene, conversation level.

I'm a local (non-Yale), but there are a few other places down on Chapel where some arch students live.

Apr 30, 13 12:29 pm

Either of those places are fine and perfectly safe.  There are a ton of architecture students at 100 Howe.  The GPSCY is pretty tame.  Some nights in the spring when the weather is nice it gets a bit noisy when everyone is outside, but chances are you will be among that crowd.  Does Chapel have laundry in the building?  There is a laundromat near 100 Howe which is nice and the 2 block walk can be nice after a long day in studio.

May 1, 13 12:02 pm

ahhh white people...

May 1, 13 12:09 pm

Thanks everyone for the comments!!

May 3, 13 1:44 am

laundry will prob be an every 2wk thing... maybe 3 lol... but with the added hurdle of having to drag ur clothes across the street (specially during winter)... ughh i dunno abt that.. 

May 3, 13 1:47 am

ahhh white people... so concerned with petty matters like safety

May 3, 13 9:45 am

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