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I've been working at a  Architecture firm for years and I have a license. I'm planning to start my own Architecture/Construction Management business. Can you give me some techniques, methods  on landing new leads?

Apr 29, 13 1:36 pm

under the table

Apr 29, 13 4:23 pm

Set up your dining room like this and wait for the phone to ring:'s_company.jpg

Apr 29, 13 11:55 pm

You have to meet people.  To meet people you have to be active out in the world making connections.  So volunteer for boards and non-profits, help at their events, go to neighborhood association meetings, join a club (swimming? golf?) and work on their programs, talk to everyone you meet at your kids' school events, birthday parties, tell every single person you meet you are an architect including handing your business card to your dentist mid-cleaning.

Seriously, I've met so many people volunteering on my kid's PTA.  Be involved.  The only way to be involved is jump in and do it.

Apr 30, 13 12:15 pm

ask yourself these questions:


what type of work do I want to do?


Who are my potential clients?


Who is my competition, and how can I differentiate myself from them?

Apr 30, 13 12:20 pm
wurdan freo

Depends on what kind of leads you are looking for.Are you going to be designing prisons, chicken coops or restaurants? You will definitely need to network and learn an elevator pitch geared towards the type of service you are going to offer. Leads are one thing. Closing the deal is another. Whole new skill set that is not taught in archie school. 

Apr 30, 13 11:14 pm

You've got to walk the streets late at night and hang out at the most expensive bars in your area.  


Adding to what others have said- network.  

If you are willing to do anything and start at the bottom- residential remodels- kitchen, baths, additions.  Try to focus on the upper end clients, they know other ppl with $.  

Look up real estate professional, property management companies, developers, commercial property owners..... got to go where the $ is at.

If you have funds and resources buy a shack, remodel it, rent or sell it, and buy another.

Really its all about promising the moon and stars to seal the deal and then busting your butt and bending over backwards to keep the client happy.

Don't forget to keep marketing and networking when you are neck deep in a project to line something else up before the one you're working on is finished.

Be prepared to clear maybe $10 an hour, but at least you're working for yourself.  

You might look for others you know that might want to partner up to make it easier to juggle everything.  A one person show is difficult, unless you have someone else supporting you for the first couple years while you get established.

Just my perspective, but it does seem to be the reality.

May 1, 13 2:12 pm

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