Funding for my studies at the Architectural Association!!! I need help!


Hey everyone!

Im a undergraduate student, who already studied one semester architecture in Germany.

I recently got accepted for the First Year at the Architectural Association in London, but I didn't got into any scholarship program of the university..

So now I'm trying to search for funding opportunities, so that I can pay for the rates and start studying at the AA. 
Studying at the AA is very expensive and living in London as well.

So if you know any scholarship programs or funding opportunities for the AA, architecture in general or studying in London, please don't hesitate to name them..

I really want to study at the Architectural Association, but at the same time I'm afraid of not having the chance to take my place, because of the costs..

Thanks in advance! 



Apr 29, 13 1:25 pm

This is a British forum for architecture students, dig around, the AA has been discussed plenty, and if you don't find what you're looking for, it's still a better place to find an answer to your questions than a US-based platform.

However, I think what you should really be asking yourself is: is studying in the AA really that important to you, and why? Is it just a prestige issue? Because I think this is one of the wrong reasons, given you are already involved in a decent course in a decent place in Europe and legally your diploma will have the necessary equivalency anywhere in the EU. You'll find lots of people who deem the AA a waste of time and a lot of money anyway. And if your angle is that  you're thinking about practicing in the UK, you should, again, ask yourself why, and whether it is a good place for architectural professionals right now.

I would think with a German diploma you'd be more hirable in, say, Switzerland, which is a much better place to practice.

Try to put your decision into perspective and be pragmatic about it. In the current trend this is what you need more than a piece of paper from the AA. If you were one of the people who can afford to be impractical, you wouldn't be looking for ways of funding in the first place.

Also, if you're so keen on studying in the UK, why didn't you go for the UCL Bartlett, for example, which is also in London, and is actually a university, so you'd have better chances at landing all kinds of loans and scholarships?

I must say your motives elude me. This leads me to believe they really aren't that substantial.

May 4, 13 2:58 am

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