All other variables being equal


(All other variables being equal) What is more important to a company / firm looking at individuals in the 0-5 year exp. range?

a) 3yrs Exp. w/ B.arch

b) No Exp. M.Arch

c) 3yrs Exp. License w/ a B.Arch

d) 5yrs Exp. M.Arch


Thanks in advance

Apr 29, 13 1:04 pm

What is more important to a company / firm looking at individuals in the 0-5 year exp. range?

big tits

Apr 29, 13 1:25 pm


i thgt i cud afford those after graduation, boy was i wrong!!!

Apr 29, 13 3:57 pm

I know! I know! I know! no -- I mean C!  Yes, definitely its A. That's my final Answer - A. [am I right??]

Apr 29, 13 4:21 pm

e) none of the above

Apr 29, 13 6:56 pm

it doesn't matter.. You'll be updating washroom tiles and working on door schedules until you move up the ladder or they decide to let you go.

Apr 29, 13 8:44 pm

accesskb is right. If you don't lose them money and generally get along with others, you'll be ok. Door schedules don't require professional degrees.

Apr 29, 13 8:57 pm

big tits

Hilarious.  But what if it's a woman doing the interviewing?  Never mind.

Answer:  it depends on what degree the person interviewing holds, what pay rate they can afford, how much the firm values licensure, and then, of course, the chemistry during the interview.

Apr 29, 13 9:34 pm

@TED are we talking about multiple choice or are you elaborating for jla-x?  i feel like good looking girls get jobs in the internship and 1-3 year categories easier than guys.  but then they have their glass ceiling later on when it actually counts. all the hotties had co-ops.

I'd say C and D, depending on what kind of place you're working for.  my place would definitely go for C.

Apr 29, 13 11:51 pm

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