Undergrad advice? UIC or City (Spitzer)?

After getting accepted at Pratt and realizing that 100k in debt is not worth it, I looked at my other two options.

UIC and City.

UIC is a 4+2 M.Arch; City is a 5 B.arch.

I am in NYC now, but plan to settle (now or later) in Chicago. Would like to work for an international project for some time and then settle in a small to mid size local firm long term.

City is 5k a year; UIC is 12k a year.

Any thoughts?
Apr 27, 13 11:04 pm
Apr 28, 13 8:41 am

City College is not all! If you want to end up in Chicago then UIC, although I am not suggesting it's the strongest arch program, but in terms of the two, definitely. The director is R.E. Somol. Very smart and involved, especially in UIC and the architecture community

Apr 28, 13 8:53 am
Thanks. The only other options in Chicago are the art school which I have only heard bad things about and IIT, which while fine is way too expensive (Pratt is better, and still not worth the money even after a 17k sch
Apr 28, 13 10:54 pm

Just no great programs in Chicago. Which is odd fir such a city
Apr 28, 13 10:55 pm

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