Perkins + Will's Ties to Halliburton


So, it's known that Perkins + Will is partly owned by the Saudi Binladen group (SBG).

SBG is affiliated with Halliburton.  Does anyone know the extent to which P+W is affiliated with Halliburton?

Apr 27, 13 10:22 am

yeah, and OMA, Holl, and god knows 99.9% of the profession does work for communist china, your thoughts on that?

Apr 27, 13 8:34 pm

I think that communist china is a disturbing authoritarian regime that in due time will overtake the west.  You didn't answer my question about Halliburton contracts.  Also, don't impute opinions onto me.  I had a specific question and was seeking a specific answer.

Apr 28, 13 2:15 pm

If you have a 401k, you too may own a bit Haliburton.

Apr 28, 13 2:20 pm


Apr 28, 13 2:23 pm

"Does anyone know the extent to which P+W is affiliated with Halliburton?"   Consider consulting actual news sources, rather than soliciting unsubstantiated anecdotes on a profession-based discussion board.

Apr 28, 13 3:10 pm

Googled.  No luck.

Apr 28, 13 3:47 pm

Ya,  Dick Cheney is on the Board of Directors 0f  Perkins and  Will.....He wanted them to change the name from Perkins and Will  to" Perkins and Dick"....but was out voted  by the slightest margin.

Apr 28, 13 4:42 pm

you guys are so adversarial.

Apr 28, 13 5:01 pm

This is actually a very provocative and interesting question.
However, it's not worth digging deep into.

You won't find much.... that's worth losing sleep over in the name of justice at least.

Those connections cen be pretty weak

Apr 28, 13 5:34 pm

Nice toy for exploring corporate relationships:

Apr 28, 13 6:52 pm



everyone spent the time essentially saying the same thing i did. impute opinions on to you, eh?

Apr 28, 13 8:26 pm

None of them answered my question and were pretty snarky about it.  Kinda like you, I guess.  But they didn't say the same thing as you.  

Also, where in my original post did I suggest I had a position on anything?

Apr 28, 13 11:09 pm

Sorry for any snark here.  It just seems like a rather charged topic about which you might get opinions here (or not, as it turns out), but probably not hard info.

Apr 29, 13 12:06 am

serious - i think you have the obligation to back up your initial claims:

"it's known that Perkins + Will is partly owned by the Saudi Binladen group (SBG)"


really? i didn't know that. so who is the "it's" in that equation? source? backup?

"SBG is affiliated with Halliburton" source link to some ways in which they are affiliated? again, because i truly don't know that as fact but would be curious to know.


and we can't answer your conclusion because we don't know the first two. from the implied connection, it sounds like if (a) anyone at P+W knows what's truly going on, they're probably not talking about it for fear of losing their job and (b) there's a whole lot of room for innuendo which isn't backed up by fact. 


so, no one's answered your question because they can't (99% of us); they won't (see above) or they don't really care. 

Apr 30, 13 8:53 am

Interesting site recommendation, Miles. Haven't seen that one before.

Looking at it, I do see that one of Halliburton's directors, Stephen Malcolm Gillis, is also a director of AECOM. AECOM owns EDAW, Ellerbe Beckett, and many others.

May 1, 13 12:36 pm

says on wikipedia perkins & will was bought by Dar Al-Handasah, a Lebanese consulting firm in 1985.  Dar Al-Handasah is a private partnership, so they won't have the sort of public record stuff/ SEC filings a public corporation would have.  Dar Al-Handasah is a founding member of the Dar Group.  i can't find who the partners are, but i bet there are a lot.  it was started by 3 guys in beirut a long time ago.

they're really big and have a lot of people in a lot of different places.  the same holds for SBG and halliburton.  these groups have certainly worked together, but i think it would be difficult to verify if they share ownership since Dar and SBG are private.  it kind of seems to me SBG mostly stays close to Saudi Arabia (though they are growing internationally).  also, SBG is apparently the largest construction firm in the world.

Perkins and Will's dubai office has halliburton listed as a client, so there is no doubt that there is a connection in the sense that people from the 2 organizations talk to each other about relevant projects (i hope; would suck if they work with each other and don't communicate).  to say P+W is *not* affiliated with halliburton would be more ridiculous than saying they are.

if you want real innuendo, via Mile's link above, David Lesar is on the board of Lyondell Chemical with Robert Blakely.  Mr. Lesar is on Halliburton's board while Mr. Blakely is on the board of Fannie Mae.  you can blame the government for that one.  halliburton is connected to CH2M through Tenneco.  i don't know if you're trying to find a connection between terrorists and P+W, but i would suggest almost everyone mentioned on the 'theyrule' website fits.

May 1, 13 2:33 pm

Didn't Dick Cheney shoot a Governor on  American Soil....wonder if he is a WASP Terrorist? He certainly has connections to Halliburton.

May 1, 13 4:46 pm

Cheney shot a lawyer. Since that's something we all fantasize about, I'll give him a pass on that one. They lawyer lived, though.

May 2, 13 4:09 pm

what's a Saudi group going to profit by owning Perkins and Will 'partly'.  It must be squeegee change to them.

Jul 23, 14 4:30 am
Non Sequitur

Ronda, nice contribution to a long-dead post...

On another note, strings are cheap and it's far easier to tie random things together and ask for others to prove you wrong than it is to make rational observations. I heard somewhere that some read that there was a shadow in the wrong place during the moon landing. This Hallibeery group thing must certainly have something to do with this because everyone just knows the Saudies have trouble getting sand out of the solid gold ponchos.

Jul 23, 14 7:56 am

Perkins and Will is 100 % owned by Dargroup.  SBG is only a contractor that builds most of their work in KSA.

Apr 14, 16 1:27 am
^Dead thread response, and inaccurate. Pretty sure it is 51%.
Apr 14, 16 4:03 am
null pointer

This place is becoming a paranoid libel-filled forum about architecture.

Apr 14, 16 7:40 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

the history of Halliburton is pretty cool and my favorite was how the Halliburton Zero briefcase came about. So Mr. Halliburton was a Texas oil man who kept having his briefcases fall apart in the back of the trucks. so one day he decided - two steel halves and a continous hinge. best briefcases out there, might run you $5k (story from memory, google it)......and what the hell does this post have to do with anything?

Apr 14, 16 7:45 am
Middle East Architect

Earlier this month a close personal friend spoke with a respected mutual acquaintance in the  American Embassy in Riyadh regarding Dar Al-Hadassah. Dar Al-Hadassah was was bought by the Saudi Bin Laden Group. Dar-Hadasah owns 51% of Perkins + Will.

The original poster was in fact accurate with his/her statement: "So, it's known that Perkins + Will is partly owned by the Saudi Binladen group (SBG)." That is accurate and was confirmed by the American Embassy in Riyadh in May 2017.

Saudi Binladen is run by Osama bin Laden's brother and founded by his father. Osama Bin Laden used his inheritance and income from the Saudi Binlaudin Group to fund the creation and operations of al-Qaeda starting in the 1990s.  

May 28, 17 7:30 pm

you can't make this up

May 28, 17 7:38 pm
Middle East Architect

It is all factual and has been confirmed by the American Embassy in Riyadh as stated above. I only looked into the original poster's statement that others here disparaged and found it to be true. 

May 28, 17 7:47 pm
Non Sequitur

What was the question?

May 29, 17 8:06 am

Perkins+Will has no affiliation with Haliburton. Its possible they may have done office interiors or something for them, but I wouldn't call that an 'affiliation'. The DAR group owns a majority of PW - they're one of the largest, most respected engineering and construction companies in the ME. They bought PW to bolster their design resources and reputation. PW collaborates with DAR on work in the ME. Outside of that, DAR doesn't interfere or participate in any of the work, design or management. 

What was the point of this post again? 

May 31, 17 6:57 pm

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