Utoronro March vs Cooper Union transfer


hi, guys,

as you can see in the title, I'm having a struggle between U of Toronto March and the Cooper Union.

I got into U of Toronto, master of architecture. it is a three and half year program with none rewards or scholarships mentioned. I actually already mailed my deposit to them yesterday.

And then I heard back from the Cooper, which I've waited for so long and already been running out of hope. I got accepted into their transfer in architecture. They put me into the second year studio with full scholarship for the coming four years.

Right now Im finishing my 4 year degree in University of Manitoba, faculty of architecture. The struggle basically is about cost, time, and degrees.

In U of T, I only have three years to go and it is master degree, with no scholarship tho. While in the Cooper, I have four years to get another bachelor degree and maybe even more years to go for a master, but it is my dream school and I'm really excited about the admission.

can you guys offer me some advice or thoughts about these two schools and this situation? I will appreciate all the comments.




Apr 20, 13 4:22 pm

go to Cooper 

Apr 20, 13 5:45 pm
The Great Northern


Apr 20, 13 6:44 pm

but 4 more years with another bachelor degree? seems to be a long way to go..

Apr 21, 13 10:20 pm

Cooper Union. No doubt.

Apr 22, 13 9:33 am


that's exactly what I said to your decision between Harvard and the cooper!

Apr 22, 13 11:12 am

If I were you, I would go to CU. It is a professional degree which allows you to work and become licensed afterward, should you choose. But I think CU opens up more doors for post-professional M.Arch II programs.

Apr 22, 13 11:50 am

i agree, cooper will be the better school

Apr 22, 13 4:45 pm

This seems pretty unanimous already, but I'll add my vote: Cooper.

Don't get me wrong, I think the UofT is a good school, but I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to go to Cooper Union.

Also, I wouldn't worry about the bachelor / masters distinction. Cooper's is a 5 year professional B.Arch which is more or less equivalent to the Masters degree from Toronto. Both degrees allow one to become licensed as an architect in North America or alternatively, both could lead to additional post-prof (March II or similar) education down the road.

The question then really comes down to: cost, quality of education, and time. 

Apr 22, 13 6:56 pm

thanks guys for the great advice!

I'm going there haha kinda of scared about all the challenges but hope things will turn out not bad.

Apr 29, 13 10:27 am

 I have not heard anything about cooper in ages- so I don't know why everyone is super unanimous about it....but I do know one thing, if you want to work in the states especially New York employers will put princeton, cornell, columbia, gsd, yale M.Arch grads over any undergraduate degree from anywhere hands down. So I do not think Cooper is worth spending money on. Perhaps its best to go where it is the more economical first school  (both schools are fine). Then decide after if you want an M.arch 2 and if you need to spend money on that....most likely by then you should be able to wing a sweet ride somewhere more reputable.

Apr 29, 13 5:09 pm

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