Scholarship for Graduates?


Anyone out there know where to apply for scholarship/grants/fellowship for arch grad student?

Apr 17, 13 5:46 pm

If you want some for this coming fall semester you are late. Most of the deadlines were by March. I was lately admitted to grad school and am also just now looking. I've only seen a few and only for like $1k or $2k. Try the school's financial aid website.

Apr 18, 13 9:42 am

For most of the schools I know, you just simply need to tick a box in the application process at a question like "do you want to be considered for scholarship?".

The only school I know has a separate process for scholarship is WUSTL, you need to fill out a form which is quite complicated.

Apr 18, 13 1:25 pm

I think I didn't even tick my application to USC, which was very stupid of me.

Apr 19, 13 4:40 pm

@Quentin: where did you find the information for graduate architecture scholarship?

Apr 19, 13 4:45 pm

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