UCLA Suprastudio: Greg Lynn


I’m attending UCLA M.Arch II (SUPRASTUDIO) program under Greg Lynn this year. And while the heavily robotics-based curriculum this year seems nothing short of fascinating, I have a relatively basic idea of Greg Lynn, where he is coming from and what he has done. That isn’t to say that I haven’t shoveled through the entire internet as well as some books on his work.


So what does everybody know of Greg Lynn? Anyone with the M.Arch II degree from his SupraStudio? Anybody who has worked for him perhaps?

Much obliged,

Apr 17, 13 2:40 pm

um... bump.


Apr 20, 13 1:50 pm
( o Y o )

Greg Lynn est un poseur.

Apr 20, 13 5:54 pm

^ lolll Greg Lynn = unbuilt blobs

Apr 20, 13 6:09 pm

Greg Lynn is a great teacher. Even though he has not built much, I dont think that means he is not a good teacher. You will probably learn a lot from him, but will have to read between the lines a few times.

On the other hand, the whole idea of the SupraStudio seems a little stupid - you get to only have design studio with one person for the whole year? Back in the day, we had 4 design studios (one per quarter) for the M.Arch II - and that seemed a lot more rewarding somehow

Apr 21, 13 1:20 am
@12voltporcupine. Looks like we will find out more for ourselves in a few months. I'll be in Greg Lynn's studio as well. Not sure I met you at the April 1st /2nd open house. Did you attend?
Apr 22, 13 3:40 am

@mvda: yep! green bus, 4th row from the front :]

Apr 22, 13 7:30 pm

So how was the Greg Lynn studio? Or the SUPRASTUDIO in general? I have been accepted to Guvenc Ozel's Program and USC and having a hard time deciding where to go.

Apr 3, 15 7:11 am

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