How do I earn LEED certification if I'm unemployed?


How do I earn LEED certification if I'm unemployed?

Is it possible for me to earn LEED certification if I'm unemployed?

Apr 11, 13 1:03 am
You need to take a test through the US Green Building Counsil. - I'm fairly sure you do not need to be employed but it will cost some money. My boss once corrected me when I made the same mistake you have, buildings are LEED certified, professionals are LEED accredited, just FYI.

Good luck
Apr 11, 13 1:18 am

No, it isn't possible if you are unemployed AND flat broke.

Apr 11, 13 5:43 am

To become accredited, don't you also have to have experience or be involved in some capacity on a LEED project?

Apr 11, 13 12:18 pm

best policy is always go to the primary source -  read the candidate manual instead of asking people.

Apr 11, 13 1:05 pm

you can still become a LEED Green Associate without project experience (first level credential). there are fees for prep classes/materials & the actual exams though.

to become a LEED AP you do need LEED project experience to be eligible for the exam, but there are online programs that can connect you to that, like: 

current employment doesn't matter though for either exam

Apr 11, 13 6:39 pm

find someone to lie for you

Apr 11, 13 6:52 pm

Are the LEED initials following your professional title really all that respected in the arch world?  LEED, while probably good intentioned, seems like a money pit more than anything.

Apr 12, 13 1:27 pm

I will have to disagree with AaronPerspective. While there are different perceptions about whether  LEED credentials is necessary, the fact is the demand for LEED certified green building/projects have been increasing exponentially for the past 8 years ($10 billion in 2005 to $106 billion in 2013).  The surge in demand caused so many professionals looking to obtain LEED accreditation to be added to their credentials.

Therefore, getting LEED accreditation is necessary if you want to maintain your competitiveness and stay relevant in the industry because just like what they say, "if you don't do it, somebody else will."

Here's a piece of article covering this matter. I hope it helps.

You might want to add some certifications to your credentials because there are hundreds of job applicants both fresh graduates and experienced are looking for work. Certain certifications like for LEED for instance, include project experience which will be a great help in making yourself a more appealing candidate for hiring firms.

Here's a related piece of article that covers this issue.

Sep 19, 13 2:23 pm

Yes you can  earn if you completed  a LEED Professional in LEED v3 . These are the course details  The LEED credentialing process is a 3-tiered system and Green Associate exam . Once completed these lessons surely you can earn money from  online .

Nov 22, 13 9:59 am

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