Final Decision Wash U v.s. Columbia M.Arch I

WUSTL : M.Arch 1 with half tuition deduction scholarship Columbia: M.Arch1 no scholarship/FA I like both programs. I can absolutely save lots of money by choosing WUSTL, however, Columbia has more vigorous studio atmosphere and higher prestige. Should I put myself in debts to go to Columbia? Will WUSTL limits a student's potential growth compared to Columbia?? How should I make a decision between these two schools?

Apr 10, 13 11:32 pm

Seattle > NYC

Apr 11, 13 12:30 am
deals on wheels

^ WUSTL = Washington University in Saint Louis.

FWIW, They are both good programs. The one thing WUSTL has going for it are the dedicated travel studios. You could concievably spend only 4 semesters in St. L.

Columbia has a lot of things going for it. If you think you might want to teach afterward, it's probably a better bet. But It all depends on what you think of the studio and studio environment. Go with your gut.

Apr 11, 13 12:50 am

@deals on wheels

I agree! The reason I lean more towards WUSTL is its study abroad opportunities in Finland, Seoul, Barcelona, and South America. 

I don't think I will have the money to travel if I go to GSAPP. Also the studio space in GSAPP is quite limited. However, how do you think WUSTL's faculty/visiting professors? I do not know much about that compared to Columbia.

Apr 11, 13 9:04 am

I would go to Columbia. Hands down.


I am going to Wash U and hate myself for not applying to Columbia this past year.

Apr 11, 13 11:57 am

I had visited Columbia back in the day and NYC seemed too much for me, community from a NJ suburb.  It was impressive.  All things being equal, Columbia is probably better and more reputed.  On the other hand, WU-StL has coughed up some money.  They are respected, but not as much as Columbia.  I think people gladly drop 4 years of medical school tuition there, but watch it for a-school.  I think you could do well there.  St. Louis is ok, I guess.  Cheaper to live in. It's really the only high-priced private in the Midwest.  I never looked into it.  If you come from money, Columbia.  If you don't, WU-StL.

Apr 11, 13 12:20 pm
@gg_r what were some of your choices and what made you decide on WUSTL?
Apr 12, 13 8:12 pm
IIT, Syracuse, Vtech, Pratt, and Wash U.

I was between Pratt and Wash U.
Apr 15, 13 10:16 am

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