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This may sound foolish but I set job hunting in the field of architecture/interior design aside because I was busy working in retail - - and mainly out of frustration.  

However, recently, I found a contract interior design gig that got me "hopeful" again.  

I am an architecture graduate with a BS degree from overseas - - my only "local" relevant experience will be this contract job. Otherwise, I've been busy working in the sad, abysmal world of retail. 

I do have very strong experience in FF&E specification - - worked in big projects like the St. Regis in the past.  My CAD skills are so-so as I focused mainly in specs. 

What are my chances? And what can I do to make myself more marketable under these circumstances? Like everyone else I claim this is my "passion". 

I'm really at a lost at this point but nonetheless hopeful..


 ** Obviously I don't have the funds to pursue an MS even if I want to and it seems foolish to spend so much on a degree that seems futile (LOL)


Any thoughts?? 

Apr 11, 13 12:21 am

Hospitals, major hotels and resorts that are renovating may need someone to manage the project details.  A client’s representative on a major job or a CM firm may be a place to look.  Also consider Universities and Chain retail or food service establishments they have in-house design crews doing odd jobs such as interior refreshes and accessibility upgrades.

Also consider getting a CAD certificate at your local community college to help bolster the CAD skills.


Over and OUT

Peter N

Apr 27, 13 12:22 pm

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