Final Decisions: Upenn vs. UMich

I am on the last leg of my decision process for graduate level architecture studies, and am currently deciding between

University of Pennsylvania (PennDesign) - 3 year


University of Michigan (Taubman) - 2 year


Both schools have offered money (the costs are about equal after consideration) so financially there is little difference.

Any words of wisdom/viewpoints that could aid in the final decision would be greatly appreciated

Apr 6, 13 7:14 pm

What are you interested in / what do you want to do?

Apr 6, 13 11:10 pm

neither.  Umich grad here. applicants to umich romanticize the school because of all its useless technology that wont help you get a job or do anything in life.  the school has ONE PERSON in its career department and its a joke.  U ll be eighty thousand in debt and start out if your lucky at 37k with no med or dental.  Really consider that this is what you want to do.  make a fake resume with umich mArch on it and send it out, see how many replies you ll get. If you want to "build buildings" get a 60 hour builders license, start your own company and go ham.  

Apr 7, 13 9:55 am
boy in a well

or be a douche and change your name to dave Z.

Apr 7, 13 10:30 am
Flip a coin?
Apr 7, 13 10:38 am

I was trying to avoid getting at my interests, and was hoping to receive a broad overview of each school; my interests are a multitude of interweaving site integration, spatial overlap, place creation, light in architecture, and sustainability (through an interweaving of modern technology and older, simple techniques).

Thank you Dave, as I said I have received assistance with aid from both schools, and understand that cost is also a factor, I was hoping for an opinion on the schools' academic quality and techniques however, the cost of each has already been taken into consideration.

Apr 7, 13 1:07 pm

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