Which websites can help me find a summer internship?


I have been looking for summer internships, but so far none have replied, and the resources are getting less. Wondering if there are some good websites have some good information of summer internships.

Apr 5, 13 9:57 am

What sort of internships are you looking for and where are you located? Those two questions  are vital.

Generally speaking though, I'd simply search for firms, offices, companies, galleries, museums, institutions, publications, etc. in your target location that you'd be interested in working for and send them an email. Seems fairly straight-forward to me.

Apr 5, 13 10:01 am

Yeah, I know. I have done that before. The thing is that rarely anybody replied to me even though I have spent quite some effort researching their offices and preparing the material. I am just looking for a better way. (or maybe I am not doing it in a right manner.)

Locations? After all the emails I have sent without any responses, I would rather not to think about locations. Anywhere that might have a chance for me. 

By the way, I am looking for architecture and design offices, sorry for not clarifying that in the original post.

Apr 5, 13 10:19 am

Welcome to the profession. Doesn't get any better once you graduate :-)

Apr 5, 13 11:30 am


You can always pull up a chair next to me as a detailer/ estimator/ project manager for a steel construction company!! you better have some thick skin cause it gets real muddy some days

Apr 5, 13 12:47 pm

I think its wat IamGray and lyxgeorge your research of firms in your city through googling and their webpages...and then spread across the country because it's never easy to find a job.  send out a lot of portfolios and do it early.  Summer is rolling in and a lot of firms inverview/hire months in advance, so jump on it!

Apr 5, 13 1:20 pm

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