Sci-Arc SCIFI vs. MSAUD Columbia vs. GAUD Pratt, PLEASE HELP

Hi guys, I got accepted by the three university and even though I like Columbia the most by now, since I could not visit any of them, I live out side of US, I am still confused about my decision. From Columbia I really like the diversity among the students projects and the fact that for some projects they take the students to other countries, working on real situations. About Pratt I heard the Urban program is mostly aesthetic, experiential and formal. Sci-arc on the other hand takes the students to visit the authorities in charge of urban projects. Of course there are many other aspects in my mind, from the location to tuition to faculties and probability of finding jobs later on, but I prefer to hear others opinion about the program in this three universities so that I can add it to my list of important factors to decide. 

Apr 5, 13 10:51 am


Go for GSAPP. Although Los Angeles has its own urban issues (resident for 25 years), nothing compares to learning urban design in the dense fabric of NYC. I can't vouch for Pratt, but as a soon-to-be graduate of the AUD program at GSAPP, its been an experience I won't forget. 

May 1, 13 11:37 am


Thanks for your respond, I accepted my place in GSAPP and I will be there in few days :). But I have to admit that the housing issue is really frustrating in NY city which made me kind of disappointed. Also I have been receiving many useful emails for international students from Sci-Arc even though I did not accept my place there and strangely Columbia university does not offer as much help! But all in all I am excited to start my program there :)

May 21, 13 1:37 am

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