Cal poly pomona M.arch program or NCSU M.Arch program ... Which is better ?? Pls advise


I got into both the programs for 2 year masters. Now I am totally confused...need help

Apr 5, 13 3:47 am

Both of them are good schools. NCSU has higher rank than Pomona. It has a "more selective" qualification in overall according to US Best College News. Why dont try to apply for Clemson since it is also still in Carolina?  How about Sci Arc in LA?

Apr 5, 13 4:02 am

NCSU is higher ranked and overall better known than Cal Poly Pomona.  It has produced good architects for quite a while and is well known in that region, though probably slightly behind Virginia Tech.  Cal Poly Pomona puts you in a reasonably affordable suburb of LA.  It's certainly not the school in California that fetches the most interest, given that the state has USC, UCLA, Cal Poly SLO, and Berkeley; however, it places a lot of its grads in SoCal.  For some reason, they tend to end up in Orange County and the Inland Empire more so than LA's closer in areas.  Clemson is in South Carolina, so it's far from NCSU in Raleigh.  NCSU will get noticed in its region of the US.  It will have to be "sold" more in the West.  If you have an undergrad to tie you back to a region you'd like to work in, then NCSU should be ok.

Apr 6, 13 12:49 am

CPP has a pragmatic course schedule for Graduates and can get you a well-rounded education. Whatever you do make sure you have an objective of what you want to learn in graduate school. Sustainability, computer modeling, preservation, etc. Otherwise you'll end up thinking like an undergraduate and go to the school with the best standing though it might not be the most suitable for what you are doing.

If you don't know what you have in mind then go work for a while otherwise Grad school will be confusing.

Apr 6, 13 3:08 am


True about Cal Poly Pomona being practical.  It's a Cal Poly.  It might even be more practical than NCSU.  You are right:  it depends how one wants to steer their curriculum and, to some extent, where they want to live.

Apr 6, 13 3:47 pm
Abhinav Sunil


Decided ..or still sorting out the mind' chaos ?

Apr 8, 13 11:08 am

Thanks everyone for the valuable input. I always wanted to do my masters with a  sustainability concentration and Cal Poly is good with it. The location is also great since I want to stay on the west coast. My only concern is about the faculty and the reputation of the college in the job market..


it pretty confusing but I think I'll go with Pomona considering the location and my interest in sustainability.

Apr 8, 13 5:38 pm

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