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I'm an undergrad who is attempting to learn rhino purely on my own for outside projects. What are the best resources online for learning the program?

What are the best forums where one can ask for help?

I am struggling joining polysurfaces at the moment for example, and _PointsOn does not give me control of most verticies.

What's the best place to go to for things of this nature?

Apr 4, 13 7:12 pm

Read the manual first... Rhino site has some good resources.. they had a wiki i believe or some link like reddit where you just post your question and people replied fairly quickly

Apr 5, 13 9:07 am  · 

might i suggest google? im not being a smart ass, google is the best possible way to learn how to use software... just straight up google "can not join polysurfaces in rhino" and you will find an answer to your question... ive found solutions to ridiculously obscure questions about modeling, drafting, coding, video editing... you name it... by just googling as specificly as i could "after effects cs5 export keeps crashing when using X codec and Y settings"... bam... someone else has had this problem and found a solution...

Apr 5, 13 9:38 am  · 

"I'm an undergrad who is attempting to learn rhino purely on my own"  roflmao!!!

I believe I can go out on a limb and say 80% of most people on this site learn every software application they know purely on their own.

Apr 5, 13 12:50 pm  · 

well, i downloaded some video tutorials(VTC i believe) and plowed through them in like two days and then jumped into a school project.  worked out okay.  Just get the basics and like above, google the details.

Apr 5, 13 1:15 pm  · 

Open Rhino. Press F1. 


Seriously, though, the built-in tutorials, and tutorials on the web, the Rhino3d forums, YouTube tutorials, they are all good resources and it is not terribly difficult to learn on your own.

Apr 5, 13 2:32 pm  · 

Rhino 5 - F1 - you want to be a Ninja like Cecchi? read above

Apr 5, 13 2:55 pm  · 

thx for the replies guys/ gals. I've asked because I don't think I have the correct modeling approach when it comes to rhino and nurbs. I'm much more used to maya, which uses meshes and relies on control vertices, edges, and faces.

Apr 5, 13 3:43 pm  · 

Say what? Maya is a great Nurbs modeler - that's how I was able to learn Rhino

Apr 5, 13 4:20 pm  · 

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