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So I got into U of Mich for grad school, which I am really glad but my top choice is USC because of its location. I am not a small town person, and I grew up in california. I would also like to get a job in california after i finsh grad school. I still havent heard anything from USC till today, so I decieded to call them. They told me they will try to send out all the acceptance by the end of April. This is a dilemma for me because Michigan requires me to give them a decision by April 15th. Can USC actually hold their decisions past April 15th? What should I do in this case?

Apr 3, 13 7:45 pm

I attend USC as an undergrad...if I were you I would call USC a couple days before April 15th and explain to them your dilemma.

Apr 3, 13 7:48 pm

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