UCLA vs. Michigan for MArch 1


I was accepted to both UCLA and Michigan's MArch I programs. After going to both open houses, I am still having trouble deciding on where to go. Although I found Michigan's open house to be more informative, both schools seem to have great programs.

some pros of each:

UCLA- great location (and I think I want to end up in Cali), big name professors, opportunity for MArch I to do SUPRASTUDIO in 3rd year, cheaper (i'm in state)

Michigan- high ranking, great facilities and fabrication lab, funded travel abroad opportunities, great career advisor

I would love the opportunity to interact with other fields related to architecture and bring a mix of ideas into architectural projects...don't know which school is better for this.

Any thoughts on these two programs? Pro's + Con's? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

Apr 2, 13 7:26 pm

I am also choosing between these two schools and would be interested in comments about either.  For me, the costs would be about the same.  The facilities at Taubman were amazing however I did not get the opportunity to see all of the facilities at UCLA.  Assuming you work hard in either program - can anyone speak to what they see as advantages/disadvantages to either program?   

Apr 4, 13 1:57 pm

Kem422 and bilgy which options did both of you end up going with? I haven't heard back from all my schools yet, but right now I've gotten into UCLA and Michigan for MArch I. Could either of you speak about your decision and the pros and cons of each school so far. 


Mar 2, 14 2:27 pm

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