M.arch Desisions - Upenn (PennDesign) vs. Umich (Taubman College)


Yet another Graduate School post from a, not surprisingly, very confused undergrad student.

 I've been accepted in both programs with a bit of funding. I'm not interested in ratings or anything along that matter. I would just like to know how is the vibe and the feel of both places. How is the studio culture? Campus life? 

I'm visiting Upenn for its open house, yet sadly I wont be able to do the same for Umich, even if I'd like to. Given the fact that I'm coming from a Caribbean Island I don't know nothing about both Philadelphia or Ann Arbor alike. Thought it would be cool to hear some opinions. 

Have any of you guys been or attended to one of em personally???

Apr 1, 13 1:39 am

I think upenn is better.

Apr 1, 13 10:58 am

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