Dialux problem!


I have had a very funny light calculation these days. The lights used are as follows:

T16 Regiolux 35W, (3300Lm, 1480mm)
T16 Regiolux 80W, (6150 Lm,1480mm)

First i tried with the 80W lamps and then the same configuration in the same space with 35W doubled number. I expected that two adjacent rows of 35W lamps will produce more luxes on the wall than one row 80W because their combined output is bigger. Well, it seems that my logic is not right. It is exactly the opposite, it seems that 6600Lm is less than 6150Lm.

Can someone help? Is it some physical reason behind the results or is it some calculation error? I thought that it was the programme but then after the reinstallation the results are the same.

thank you

Jan 25, 08 4:19 am

Forgot to say, that it is Regiolux MLF lamps.

Jan 25, 08 4:24 am

Ok, here is the answer, i reached it:
1. The addition of additional lights does not increase the light prportionally, it is some kind of logarithmic increase.
2. NEVER position lights adjacent to each other in DIALux. It seems that the ptogramme gets confused and the calculations are false!

Thank you very much for the attention!

Jan 25, 08 8:34 am

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