UC Berkeley Prospective/Current Students


Hi all,

Didn't see much discussion about the program at UC Berkeley, so I wanted to see what the thoughts are from current students/ faculty and also prospective students!

Mar 29, 13 4:30 pm

Prospective student here.

Choosing bet Berkeley, Columbia, Michigan and Cornell for M.Arch... but leaning heavily towards Berkeley (for multiple reasons, but mostly $). I'm afraid I can't speak too much about the program since all my info is second hand, but excited to visit for the open house this weekend. Are you going?

Apr 2, 13 4:25 pm

I'm going to the open house too.  I don't know a lot about the school but I'm excited to go check it out.

Apr 2, 13 4:33 pm

@ nycer

I'm choosing between Michigan, UPenn and Berkeley. Did you go to the open house at Michigan? I will be attending Berkeley's this weekend, so see you there!

Apr 5, 13 5:13 pm

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