Frank Gehry Designed New Facebook Headquarters to Look Like the Ground

Hey guys, how's it going?  Did anyone else see this article?  This is utterly ridiculous.  Makes me want to sell the few shares of FB stock I have.

Frank Gehry Designed New Facebook Headquarters to Look Like the Ground


Anyway.  Hi!

Mar 29, 13 1:54 pm

Apple, Google and Facebook, all very disappointing in their decision for their new headquarters, the hope would be that they would pursue an architect who was young, innovative and fresh, who would deliver something that would push the progression of the industry. Instead we get three mediocre designs.....

Mar 29, 13 2:07 pm  · 

Emily - why don't you come down here to Menlo Park and look at the site, then decide - 

Mar 29, 13 2:27 pm  · 

I guess it does "look like the ground" if you're in the air looking down.  Otherwise, from eye-level, it looks like a low-slung modern building.  PLUS, it has a big green roof.  Isn't this exactly what we're all supposed to be doing these days, according to design dogma?

Mar 29, 13 2:39 pm  · 

reminds me of this

Mar 29, 13 2:45 pm  · 

It's really designed to camouflage it from North Korean Satelites

Mar 29, 13 2:49 pm  · 

I think the part that I find ridiculous is that they would ask for something anonymous and low-key, but pay Frank Gehry to design it.

Mar 29, 13 3:10 pm  · 

The part that I find ridiculous is that anyone would ask Gehry to design anything.

And that Facebook made Zuckerberg a billionaire 10 times over.

Mar 29, 13 4:33 pm  · 

That too!

Mar 29, 13 4:51 pm  · 
I should know better than to read comments when a non-architecture website publishes an article about architecture. How dispiriting.
Mar 29, 13 9:20 pm  · 
I don't think the new Apple campus is a mediocre design.
Mar 29, 13 11:42 pm  · 

Toned down from the typical Gehry nonsense, apparently at the request of the client. Which makes you wonder why they hired him in the first place.

"While Gehry is known for spectacular works such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa, Spain, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, his creative partner, Craig Webb, told the city council that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other company officials asked that the design for the Menlo Park building be low key.

As a result, some of the earlier ideas, such as one that envisioned the building's ends flaring out like butterfly wings, were dropped, Webb said.

"They felt some of those things were too flashy and not in keeping with the kind of the culture of Facebook, so they asked us to make it more anonymous," Webb said. "Frank (Gehry) was quite willing to tone down some of the expression of architecture in the building."

When finished, much of the white stucco building will be hidden by the landscaping and the rooftop park, he said.

Mar 30, 13 11:17 am  · 

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