OMA Internship/Interview



I had a Skype interview with OMA two weeks ago and I'm wondering if anyone else has interviewed recently.

Also wondering for those who've interviewed in the past how long it took to hear anything back? 

Mar 28, 13 7:20 pm

how much do they pay? or is it a volunteer internship?

Apr 1, 13 4:58 am

Rotterdam was 600euro per month as of last year. Maybe it's changed since then.

I have no idea about New York or China.

Apr 1, 13 7:30 am

Hey thanks rpeer, do you happen to know which office it was for? Rotterdam, hk, Doha? Accesskb.. Pretty sure this would be for about $1200 a month.

Apr 1, 13 9:25 am

wow, i hope $1200/mo is for part time [20 hrs/week]... if not, that's not even close to minimum wage.

Apr 2, 13 3:03 am

is that even legal? wth

Apr 2, 13 3:30 am

uh okay.. didn't know it is a stipend

Apr 2, 13 3:46 am

@Frocean Do you mind sharing what the interview what like, what questions were asked? Thanks!

Apr 3, 13 10:49 pm

Hey, yeah.. I was nervous as sh*t. I ended up skyping with two senior architects. They asked me to go through my resume and asked a couple questions about my past work experience. They then asked me to pick out my favorite project and present it to them. They had clearly looked at my portfolio for awhile before the interview and asked very pointed, detailed questions about circulation.

I talked through two other design projects and one research project I'd worked on and they asked questions the whole time. I was then asked why I wanted to join OMA.. and I think that was it. We had a little discussion about the differences between Rotterdam, NYC, Doha, HK, etc..

Overall it was about forty minutes. I thought it went really well.. but its been over 3 weeks since I've heard anything so not too hopeful at this point.. we'll see

Apr 4, 13 12:09 am

@Frocean thank you so much for the detailed account. I'm really curious to see your portfolio, if you don't mind sharing! Is this for a 6 month internship or just for the summer? Are you a recent grad or currently getting your masters?

Really hope you will hear some good news soon! I read that it could take as long as a couple weeks to a couple months before they get back to you.

Apr 4, 13 12:19 am

@avwoolf, Thanks. I'm a 2nd year M.Arch student and it would be for a 6-month stint. If you let me know your email I can pass along my portfolio.

Apr 4, 13 1:27 am

@Frocean, that would be great, thanks in advance! You can email me at "mylenore at gmail dot com"

Apr 4, 13 1:32 am

hi @Frocean, i am interested to have a look at your portfolio , don't you mind to share with me ?? 

May 16, 13 2:24 pm

I'm curious how you landed the interview -- connection, email, phone call?

May 16, 13 2:36 pm

I was interview too, I heard back several time but they say a decision hasn't been made yet, has anybody else gotten answer back?

May 23, 13 7:35 pm

same here, i had the intreview at the biginning of march and no decision has been made. 

Jun 6, 13 1:02 pm

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