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Denise Scott Brown's contributions were seminal to her partner Robert Venturi winning the prize in 1991, yet  her role as “wife” seemed to have trumped her role as an equal partner when the Pritzker jury chose to only honor her husband, Venturi. It was an unfortunate oversight by the Pritzker Architecture Prize committee, lets change that today!


Demand that Denise Scott Brown be retroactively acknowledged for her work deserving of a joint Pritzker Prize.

Brown had been a co-partner for over 22 years in their practice Venturi Scott Brown and Associates and played a critical role in the evolution of architectural theory and design alongside Venturi for over 30 years. She co-authored the 1977 book Learning from Las Vegas, among others. She should not be overlooked any longer.


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Mar 28, 13 12:52 am

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