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i have 2 sets of PDF's, 4 pages each of standard city standard drawing bulletins. i want to put all 8 pages onto one title blocked (acad dwg) sheet for plotting with my set. I have split the PDF’s drawings into 8 separate files.

when in acrobat, i have my border sheet PDF but cannot get the other drawings to INSERT into the file. acrobat only wants to only let me (as far as i can find) add them as extra pages into one file.

when in acad, i tried to OLE the PDF’s in and the quality is crap. they all turn to into bitmaps and the file is so huge my 11x17 laser printer can’t handle the plot.

i have acrobat professional 8 and autodesk architectural desktop 3.3/ACAD2000. does anyone know how to make a single sheet of these PDF's? i’m sure i’m missing something that you know about acrobat or acad.

i need to plot the set on tuesday january 22nd if you can assist by then, i would appreciate it.


Jan 19, 08 4:52 am

Just open said pdf in photoshop
resave as JPG
insert jpg in title block in autocad
problem solved

Jan 19, 08 5:33 am

i still get a bimap that is nowhere near the crispness of the PDF. anyway to save the PDF quality?

Jan 19, 08 7:35 pm

oh, and the file size of a dwf plot is 25MB with the page filled with JPG's!

even if i can live with the fuzzy look, it's not practical at all.

Jan 19, 08 9:09 pm

When you export as jpg, change the export settings to maximum quality and dpi to something high like should be able to get a jpg of the same level quality.

Jan 21, 08 8:36 am

i have done them at 300 dpi and it's close in quality but the plot files are 25mb. that's just nuts.

it's just silly that adobe cannot give us a feature that allows merging of PDF's into one sheet or page as they call it.

the "combine files" things does me no good. it's not a a book of drawings, it's one sheet, adobe. hello? adobe?

Jan 21, 08 4:25 pm

Maybe try going into the DWF realm. Just my goofy thought.

Jan 21, 08 4:30 pm

you can combine them into one sheet in illustrator or indesign. Acrobat isn't designed for page layout, and that's the way it should be.

do you have photoshop? you should be able to get a single 8.5x 11 page of text down to around a 250kB .jpg (MAX) while still readable. Mode should be set to black and white, and use the "save for web" feature to get your compression options proper.

another work around that may work is to take that 25MB file and plot a pdf of it. That should move quicker than sending to the printer, and then you can use the pdf "reduce file size" command to get your compression options proper. You'll wind up with a reasonable lightweight PDF.

Jan 21, 08 4:38 pm

make each PDF a separate file using the page tab and insert

convert to a raster image >200 dpi

open the PDF in rhino save to DWG

those are 3 options

Jan 21, 08 5:50 pm

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