2013 Admissions: Canadian Schools?


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. . . . . three weeks it is. besides, I already started checking top firms with offices in Calgary. (HOK, Kasian, Canon Design, etc.) . I intend to use my time there to string the right connections. from what i learned in my undergrad, Architecture school isn't always about the the school but also what the city offers.


Apr 16, 13 11:24 am

Not sure how useful this is but I spoke with one of the UofC faculty members a couple of weeks ago, mostly to see what they thought of the program as compared with Dal. This isn't really new information but thought I'd throw up some key take-aways:

- They emphasized that Calgary is more into using computer tools for design, but there is some opportunity for "banging 2x4s" by participating in the solar decathalon. Mentioned what one of the above posters said: you will build physical things, but they will often be designed on the computer first

- The student body used to be majority from out west, but in the last year or two the majority have come from elsewhere

- Electives are not totally "free electives" -- they are selected such that they complement what you're doing for your thesis. They are often taken from the EVDS courses but a case could be made for fine arts courses, etc

- They felt good about employment opportunities, especially in the area, which is no surprise considering the economy.


Also, I don't have any links on me right now, but some creative uses of google/the EVDS facebook page/searches on issu brought me to a handful of defunct student blogs from recent years and some portfolios from people at different stages of the program. My overall impression was that the work was more "zany" and colourful than what I've seen out of other schools, but this is from a really small sample size so I think it's hard to generalize.

On the whole I get the feeling that this program doesn't have a very "set" style, which could be very exciting. The things that make me wary are whether 3 years is enough to have a solid base in design, the lack of coop, and living in Calgary.

Anyway, this post was mostly thinking aloud for my own benefit but thought I would share. Cheers.

Apr 18, 13 11:04 am


thanks for your post. Are u attending? We are kinda looking for prospective students to start a separate thread.


Apr 18, 13 11:23 am
Abhinav Sunil

@ gual

Wow thats some real good insight on the program. gual where have you finally decided to attend? Keep such post coming its really great to know about the school, place and work culture. Any information is good and welcome .!

@ogunedo  @ gual

Also Something that worries me-  is the fact that  a  person residing in Calgary tells me that its quite expensive living there- as expensive as living in New york and more expensive than residing at Toronto(with some aspects) due to the limited infrastructure.

How are you people funding your education, I will be taking a loan to support my studies.

Apr 18, 13 12:37 pm
Abhinav Sunil


Did you receive the offer letter- I have not received it yet-worried! Also what is the next step that we should do- I will most probably write to them asking for further directions on the same.

Ogunedo the fees is gonna change, I was checking the website for the final fee which we have to pay and there in the website they have written something like this..

*Due to the Provincial Government's announcement on April 11, 2013, tuition fees for the 2013/2014 year are being reviewed.

Apr 18, 13 12:42 pm

i called them and the sent another via DHL which i am currently tracking myself. The initial letters were sent via canadian post . I think that means of delivery hasn't worked as  they hoped. I also think the school is aware of the general situation. mail them on the issue (jennifer ) she should respond almost immediately.


well, about the fees, i think it cant be far off..They usually review fees slightly every year (most schools do).

Besides, i inbox'd a current student studying arch at the evds and he was full of praise. He also said its so intense. I found a blog also which could give insights into the student work. It happens to be very "digitally" oriented which is something i am very happy about. ( )

 I think the lack of online presence by evds students is as a result of the intensity. Do some Google searches for yourself.

Apr 18, 13 12:50 pm

Apr 18, 13 1:17 pm
Abhinav Sunil

Ok thanks for the information. I have mailed them about the letter issue.

They had annouced the fees earlier for 2013-14 with marginal increment from last years' - now that they have taken it off and revised it again, I need to resubmit the new fee schedule to the bank again once it comes out.

Yeah even I was seeing few blogs. They seem really interesting.  Also see these videos..

Apr 18, 13 1:19 pm

"Also Something that worries me-  is the fact that  a  person residing in Calgary tells me that its quite expensive living there- as expensive as living in New york and more expensive than residing at Toronto(with some aspects) due to the limited infrastructure."

Completely false, Calgary is nowhere near as expensive as living in NYC or Toronto, I did an internship there about a year ago and was within 10 minutes of the UofC and paying $500 a month for rent and I think the monthly student transit pass was even under $100 dollars (which it is not in NYC or T.)

Apr 18, 13 3:30 pm


are u attending U of C too??

Apr 18, 13 5:54 pm
Abhinav Sunil


Have you started with the visa application process?

Apr 28, 13 9:46 am

yeah. Should be  submitting mine tomorrow. Hope u have gotten your letter?

Apr 28, 13 9:52 am
Abhinav Sunil

Finally I got it yesterday, Will start with the process next week.

Apr 28, 13 10:02 am

That should be okay> d application in my country takes 18 weeks ( the longest) I think yours should be shorter.

Apr 28, 13 10:08 am
Abhinav Sunil

Ohh! thats too long. Here without delay, it just takes 4-6 weeks.

Apr 28, 13 10:17 am

wow............wish it could be shorter here. I have been in contact with some profs at evds. Asking them about options in the curriculum with regards to taking one or two foundation courses which i felt would be important. They said they were working out smth > i am still waiting for further news from them.

Apr 28, 13 10:21 am
Abhinav Sunil

Accommodation- how are you planning to go about it. Incampus or planning to stay outside ?

Apr 28, 13 10:44 am
Abhinav Sunil

ogunedo, I found this site which could help us find accommodation there

Apr 28, 13 11:40 am

well...i hope to live close to the campus. On campus accmdatn is too expensive. Already asked some students at evds and they said i cud get off campus student communities

Apr 28, 13 11:45 am

I think i would start prepn for that once i am called for medicals by the embassy. going through the site tho

Apr 28, 13 11:47 am

besides i think  we shouldn't be hasty about getting the accommodation without a word of advice from those currently studying at the school. we are oblivious of the situations there and you dont want to make a decision as important as that without proper consultation.

Apr 28, 13 12:08 pm

Well, I got into Dal, Manitoba, and Calgary... no idea what to do

May 10, 13 5:04 pm

Congrats. If it were up to me, I would most likely go with Dal or EVDS. The length of Dal is somewhat unappealing, but their co-op program is quite enticing (especially if you don't already have work related experience). If you do though, I would lean towards EVDS based strictly on length of the program. I'm not quite sure how the reputations stack-up among st each other; they're all Canadian so it would be hard to do wrong. Considering this, I would choose whatever school offers more financial incentive. Manitoba seems to parallel Calgary's pedagogy, but the reason I wouldn't even consider it is strictly based off it's location. Good luck! 

May 10, 13 7:43 pm

Hey people,

McGill and Waterloo. Anyone got any information on these? Need info for the m.arch course. wish to start next year, same time, around April/may

May 11, 13 1:47 am

Obtuse, I wonder what makes you say Manitoba parallels Calgary's pedagogy, care to elaborate or is it a "gut feeling"?

Looking through the Manitoba student work it seems more "out there," a little zanier, a little more analog. It looks like it'd be a fun school and the work coming out of there looks really interesting but I have no work experience in the field. I wonder if it's worth going there for the premasters and then potentially switching over to another school afterward.

I guess to me if I was strictly choosing based on the academic environment it'd be a no-brainer to go to Manitoba. EVDS looks like it will actually force me to learn relevant computer programs, and being situated in Calgary might help for the whole "jobs" factor. And then Dal is in a nice location, has co-op, etc... Extremely hard decision.

May 11, 13 6:21 pm

EVDS, EVDS, EVDS.................

Below is a conversation with an evds current student who is in his third year in school and has spent most of his life in Canada. he has been able to shed more light on the somewhat "clandestine" activities at the evds. From mt discussions with him, its a very very very intense program possible because of the fewer intakes.



I am a prospective MArch student at EVDS to resume studies (just accepted ) this fall and i have tried to reach current students onto ask them about the life and experiences at the school. I got your id via a page on the evds website which u and several other colleagues liked, so i kinda figured out that u might be student there.

I would kindly appreciate a enlightenment on the following:

1. How is the school generally, esp compared to other arc master programs in Canada. ( I made my decision to attend based on the curriculum and opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration offered by the faculty).

2. How is the focus on digital design with respect to generative design , fabrication etc. How do the methods relate to current trends and problems being experienced in the world.

3. Should i strengthen my grip on certain design softwares and graphic packages?? I have an undergraduate arch degree and am already conversant with a couple of basic software. (Archicad, Revit).

4. What do u suggest as per accommodation. On campus or off campus in relation to the intensity of the program. Is there serious need to be close to the studios??
I really would appreciate a response from you on these inquiries.




Hey man
as you these days are the busy days of school, sorry that i couldn't respond earlier! but i am sure that you've got respond from other people by now.
1. i believe that the school is one of the best arch schools in canada, i was admitted for U of Toronto and Mcgill as well but i chose to attend calgary and i'm pretty happy with my decision. we have great profs and a lot of nice stuff are goin on in school. however, waterloo, and u of toronto also have great programs that compete ours.
2. there is a great interest in that field, and i am a part of that as well, but it is not a thing that influence everything and school is not just about that! so we have different and various profs focusing on different sides of architecture but a big and strong aspect that the our school is concerned about is digital design and architecture. highly recommend searching for "branko kolarevic" and "josh taron" two of our profs to get a sense.
3. it is nice to know more softwares, but here they don't care what you use they care about the result more! (generally)
but in some cases you have to use some specific softwares which won't be a great deal!
generally speaking learning rhino, and adobe suit (photoshop, illustrator, indesign) will be so helpful.
4. as my experience shows, the closer the better! there are a lot of nights that you have to stay late at school or even don't leave school! the work load is so high so you spend a lot of time in studios and it would be easier to get home at night if you are closer to the school. i'm not saying on campus or of campus but i am saying close, so might wanna go on google map and search the walking distance around to see, i suggest areas around school such as banftrail or brentwood would be a good option if you don't want to be on campus.

good luck

May 11, 13 6:41 pm
Abhinav Sunil

Hi Ogunedo,

"wish it could be shorter here. I have been in contact with some profs at evds. Asking them about options in the curriculum with regards to taking one or two foundation courses which i felt would be important. They said they were working out smth > i am still waiting for further news from them."

Have you heard back from them..regarding the course? Could you get detailed curriculum list?  Have you started searching for housing?

I have not yet started with the visa procedure. Done with medical test formalities. For Visa, I need to produce the first year fee payment receipt as well... so after enrolling for the course on 28th I will start with the visa procedure. Hope u have already started with yours.

Any other information?

May 19, 13 2:08 pm

yes, i have completed my visa application. waiting for the embassy ( the TRV should be issued in 2-3months from nw for my country). Has the school sent you he fee schedule and enrollment dates?? I haven't gotten any reply from them on the issue. I just got a positive response from a prof there and the dean saying they could work out the curriculum to enable me take some certain courses like graphics II which is very imp. I think i would mail them today on the issue. I have searched for housing but was advised by a friend living in canada to only make payments when u get there . This is because one would prefer seeing what one's paying for. From the looks of things, housing wouldn't be an issue. I would also rather live with an architecture student ( undergrad experience) . Probably within the same studio.


Please kindly get back to me if you have received payment info and registration schedule. Veyr imp.

May 20, 13 6:41 am
Abhinav Sunil


Please visit your student center(University' website). There they have updated our enrollment dates will get all the information there on how to enroll; there are YouTube videos on the net to help you out too.

By 29th we can start enrolling and the enrollment services will automatically calculate the fees, which we need to pay.  I did get the fee schedule as I specifically asked for it( Need to submit it to the bank for the loan purpose). Here are the details in case you need it;If you want more specific details contact Jennifer.

International student tuition:$16,224.72 per year

General fees:$1607.17 per year

Do tell me once you hear anything about taking the foundation year courses and detailed curriculum as I am not able to find in depth details of the curriculum. I haven't got accommodation - in fact I have not yet started looking...Same issue here I cant make out from the website advertisement- How the place is? or How far it is from our department? If your friends suggest you more good places (options) to stay, do refer it to me also.

May 20, 13 1:04 pm

Hi architintin,

I just went thru the student center and saw the enrollment option. I would go thru the you tube video. You can fin detailed info about the curriculum on the page below.


About the accommodation, i still suggest we chill till the can get more solid info. Do u use a blackberry or similar device so we can chat more often concerning these issues.

May 21, 13 4:42 am

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