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I'm hoping that archinect users might be able to help me out with something.

I recently applied to graduate school to go back for my MArch as well as take the opportunity to pursue other (widely varying) interests I have in addition. I have my list narrowed down to:

Rhode Island School of Design (MArch + Graphic Design)

Clemson (Full ride + MArch+Health program)

Columbia GSAPP (MArch + Master of Historic Preservation)

Berkeley (MArch + Master of City Planning)

I have been consulting everyone and their grandmother it seems like to weigh the pros and cons of each school. My major concern lies with cost/the true value of the design education, and the opportunities each would present after graduation.

I think that I am very torn between having my graduate school funded at Clemson, but being "pigeon holed" into Medical Planning and not necessairly design once I'm out of school. (There is nothing wrong with planning and I know that those specializing in health care can do very well.) 

Clemson's MArch + Health is a very specialized, highly regarded program, and while graduating with them would guarentee 100% job placement and I'd have school paid for,..ect...I don't want to end up in 15 years resentful that I'd have a hard time moving between practices if I decided to work in, say, residential or interior studios. What is the quality of design education, and Clemson's reputation overall?

Would I be better off taking out the loans and having a more "generalist" design degree from some place like Columbia or Berkeley, and then leverage my work experience in healthcare firms if I decide to puruse my interest in health care later on?

Finally, I'm also torn because of Columbia's price tag and if it's worth the 100K of debt.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Mar 27, 13 9:33 am

anyone have any thoughts about this? I'd really like any feedback!

Mar 30, 13 6:21 pm

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